How To Create ‘Folder Bomb’ – Create Upto 10,000 Folders Within Few Seconds

You must have heard about ‘Zip Bomb‘- A zip file when extracted, takes tons of Gigabytes of space. Here is another one which is called ‘Folder Bomb‘. This may be considered as a Virus, but it is not. This is a simple Batch file that creates thousands of folders within seconds and is harmless for your computer. But it can hang, low memory computers. As mentioned earlier, this Folder Bomb can create thousands of folders within seconds, so you can consider it as a bomb. This Folder Bomb can be created by simple batch programming, or you can say, simple 4-line code. This tutorial shows you how to create a Folder Bomb using simple batch programming.

We will not need any software applications for doing this, only thing that we need for this is Notepad. Using simple coding and saving the file as a Batch file, we will create a Folder Bomb.

How To Create ‘Folder Bomb’ – Create up to 10000 Folders Within Few Seconds?

Step 1

First of all we need to open Notepad. You can open it from Start Menu or alternatively, press Windows Key + R to launch RUN utility, then type “notepad” and press Enter.

This will open Notepad.

Step 2

Now, you need to type simple code in Notepad. You can select and copy the code from below-

@echo off
md %random%
goto top

Save this file as “Folder Bomb.bat“. Save this file to desktop so that you can find it easily.

Step 3

Now, you will have a batch file named as Folder Bomb.

Copy this file to desired folder, where you want to create folders. You can also run this file on desktop, but running this file will fill your desktop with thousands of folders. It is better to test this file in some other folder. I have copied it to a folder named Test.

Step 4

Time to test this Folder Bomb. Double-click Folder Bomb.bat, command prompt will appear and lots of folders will be created.

To stop creating folders, close command prompt. Now, you can see how many folders have bee created so far-

You see, around 10 thousands folders have been created within few seconds. You can delete that Test folder to delete all the folders together.

You can try this on your own PC. Just make sure you don’t run Folder Bomb.bat file on desktop, otherwise your desktop will be filled with lots of folders. You should also not try this on Low configuration PCs as it will make them hang. You can also check here, how to create a Zip of death. Enjoy, have fun!

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