How to Create New Volume using Unallocated Disk Space in Windows

In this tutorial we are going to discuss how to create a new Volume in Windows using free or unallocated disk space. Usually while installing Windows on new computers, people either create single disk drive of full HDD space or create one disk drive (i.e. C:) and leave rest of the space unallocated. You can create additional disk volumes using that unallocated space in your HDD.

For creating a new disk drive or volume from unallocated HDD space, you have to use Disk Management Utility or Computer Management Utility. Using Disk Management Utility you can also delete Volumes, change drive letters, shrink a volume etc. Follow this tutorial to see the process of creating a new volume from unallocated disk space.

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How To Create New Volume (Disk Drive) Using Unallocated Disk Space In Windows?

Step 1

For creating a new disk drive using un-allocated hard disk space, we will use Computer Management Utility of Windows. Go to RUN, type compmgmt.mscand press ENTER.

Computer Management Utility will open. On the left side, click on Disk Management to open Disk Management Utility. Alternatively, you can also open Disk Management Utility by typing diskmgmt.msc in RUN.

Step 2

In Disk Management Utility, you can see details of your Hard Disk Drive. You can see the no. of partitions you have created, amount of un-allocated space and drive letters assigned to your disk drives etc.

Right-click on unallocated hard disk space and select ‘New Simple Volume…‘ to create a new disk drive using selected unallocated HDD space.

Step 3

New Simple Volume Wizard will open. This wizard will guide you throughout the “new disk drive creation” process. Click Next to continue.

Next screen will show you maximum available free HDD space. Enter the size of new volume in the input box next to “Simple volume size in MB” and click on Next to continue.

You have assigned the size to the new volume (disk drive). Now we need to assign a drive letter to newly created disk drive and format it.

Step 4

In the next step, select the drive letter that you want to assign to new volume. If you are not sure about this option, just leave it as it is and press Next to continue.

We are almost here, new disk drive is almost ready. We only need to format it and give it a name. In the next step, it will ask you for selecting the File System type (FAT or NTFS) and a Name for new disk drive. First click on radio button next to “Format this volume with following settings:” and select NTFS as file system (you may also select FAT or FAT32 if required but NTFS works best in most cases or leave it as it is if you are not sure), type a Volume label and check the box next to ‘Perform a quick format‘. Finally click on Next to start formatting newly created volume.

Step 5

It may take some time depending upon the size of volume to format newly created volume. After formatting is done, New Simple Volume Wizard will finish. Click Finish to exit the wizard.

You can check the details of newly created disk drive (volume) in Disk Management Utility.

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Use un-Allocated HDD Space to Create New Volume in Windows

Using above mentioned steps, you can easily create a new disk drive or volume using unallocated hard disk drive space. If you don’t have any unallocated space in your HDD but one of your disk drives (volume) has enough free space, then you may shrink that disk drive to make some free space and create a new disk drive. Enjoy, feel free to comment.

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