How To Create Portable Version Of Applications

What is a portable application?

A portable application is a software that you can use on any computer without installing it on that computer. You can carry it in a CD, DVD or USB Drive. You just click on it and it starts running without installation. It is very useful when you want to use a software on any other computer and you are not allowed to install anything on it.

What You Will Need:

1. Uniextract – You can google it for latest version. Or you can download it from here.
2. WinRar
3. Executable applications (.exe) that you want to make portable

How to create portable applications?

Step 1

First, Install Uniextract and Winrar.

Step 2

Right click your setup file and click UniExtract here. I am taking example of VLC media player. UniExtract will extract setup file and you will see many files inside it.


Step 3

Find the EXE file that runs the program in that extracted folder, in my case it is vlc.exe. Look for the .exe file that runs the program. Select every file in that folder, right click on them, and click “Add to archive” in the contextual menu.


Step 4

You will see WinRar dialogue box, name your archive (whatever you prefer). Under compression method, select Best, and be sure to check Create SFX archive.

Next, click the ‘Advanced’ tab and click “SFX Options…”.

In Setup tab, in Run after extraction field, input the name of the .exe file that you located in Step 3 (vlc.exe for me). Go to the Modes tab and select Unpack to temporary folder.

Lastly, go to the ‘Update’ tab and select “Overwrite all files”. Now go ahead and hit OK, and WinRAR will generate an application file.


Step 5

Copy the application to your USB drive (wherever you want it to be) and then give it a test run! Double click the application to run it–on any PC


Every time you click the application, it’s actually going to briefly unpack the file into a few hidden folders so that the .exe has access to the resources it needs. This means that the app takes about 5 seconds or so longer to execute (depending on the size of the app), but it will execute seamlessly. This method may not work for all applications. Try it and find out. Comment, your problems, suggestions and queries.

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