How To Make Undeleteable, UnSearchable Folder In Windows

You must have tried hiding your important files or folders in your PC by changing attributes to Hidden. But this kind of the tricks are quite old and can be easily hacked. People can easily change Folder options to Show hidden files and folders and all your secrets are revealed. There are many third party softwares available which can hide your files and folders using password. But if somebody knows your vault’s password, everything is exposed. In this tutorial I am going to explain a method using which, your folders and files will become completely unsearchable and could not be found even by searching. In this method we will change folder’s attributes to not only Hidden but also to System and Read-only. Windows does not search system files unless directed by user and you can’t easily delete a system folder plus it is not visible. Even if you try to delete this folder using Command Prompt, it gives Access Denied error.

How To Create Secret, Hidden Folder In Windows?

Step 1

First create a folder with any name. In this tutorial, I have created a folder in “C:” drive with the name Secret, you can choose another location and another name. To create a new folder, Right-click anywhere in blank space and select New >> Folder.

Rename this newly created folder to any desired name. I have used the name Secret.

Step 2

Now, we will change the attributes of this folder. Press Windows Key + R to launch RUN utility, type cmd in that and press Enter or click OK.

Command Prompt window will open.

In Command Prompt window, type following command and press Enter.

attrib +r +h +s /s /d "C:\Secret"


attribUsed to change attributes of any file or folder.
+rChange the attributes of file or folder to Read-only.
+hChange the attributes of file or folder to Hidden.
+sChange the attributes of file or folder to System.
“C:\Secret”Address of Target file or folder.

For more CMD commands click here.

Step 3

Go back to the location where you recently created Secret folder. You will not find any Secret folder there, it hidden.

Now, try to change Folder options to show hidden files. Follow the steps shown in screenshot below-

After enabling Show hidden files and folder, go back to location where you created Secret folder, you will still not see it there.

One more try, this time try to search the name of that folder in entire drive. You will still not find it.

So, you see the folder has become unsearchable, and you can’t find it even by enabling Show hidden files and folders option in Folder options. You can also try to delete it using command prompt and you will get an Access Denied error in return.

We have created that folder and made it hidden and unsearchable, how will we access it now? Continue reading to find answer.

Step 4

Now, we will learn how to access this folder. First go to the location where you created that folder, in my case it’s C: drive, and click on Address bar. The content of address bar will become editable as shown below in screenshot.

Do not delete existing address, just add name of that folder to address bar after currently present address. You can take help of screenshot below. Press Enter or click on Arrow button on address bar to continue.

Boom! You are here… into that Secret folder. You can see and modify content of that folder as we have only changed the attributes of Secret folder not files or sub-folders.

You can keep your important documents in this folder and nobody will be able to access them. Even by enabling Show hidden files and folders, nobody will be able to see your files. This tutorial was about creating undeletable, unsearchable, hidden, secret folder in Windows. If you have trouble following any of the steps above, comment below. Enjoy!

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