How to disable Automatic App Updates in Windows 10

Windows 10 updates itself automatically. Similarly, Windows 10 downloads and installs updates for Windows Store apps also. Windows 8.1 also updates store apps automatically but Windows 8 doesn’t. It’s quite convenient to update Windows apps automatically as it minimizes user intervention. But sometimes, when you are on limited data connection, this auto-update feature may cause troubles. So, if you don’t want Windows Store Apps to update automatically, you can disable automatic updates for Windows store apps. Just follow the steps shown below.

Earlier, this option was available in Windows 10 Pro only but now you can Disable Automatic App updates in Windows 10 Home too. Just update to latest build.

Disable Automatic App Updates In Windows 10

Step 1

First, open Store app. You can search “store” on Start and click on Store from search results.

This will open Windows Store app on your PC. You will see various games and apps available for download.

Step 2

On the top right side, near the search box, you will see an account icon. Click on this icon, it contains various options, select Settings from the menu.

In Settings, you will see status of various options. You can see Update apps automatically is On by default. This is the setting which is updating apps automatically.

Step 3

Turn “Update apps automatically” off to disable automatic app updates. This will keep Windows from using your precious data for updating apps when you are on limited data connection.

After you have turned off “Update apps automatically” option, your Windows 10 will not update Windows Store Apps automatically. This will save your precious data. You can anytime enable automatic Windows store app updates in Settings in case you change your mind. If you are looking to disable Automatic Updates in Windows 10, it is not officially supported in Windows 10 settings yet and Microsoft seems not to provide that option anytime soon. However, there is a workaround available for that but it is not recommended to disable automatic updates in Windows 10 as it keeps your PC safe and sound. Enjoy, have fun!

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