How to Disable Automatic App Updates in Windows 10

Windows 10 updates itself automatically. Same way, Windows 10 downloads and installs updates for Microsoft Store apps also. But if you are on a metered connection, it’s a good idea to disable automatic app updates in Windows 10.

Though updating Microsoft apps automatically reduces user intervention but it also eats up your data in the background. On metered connections, this auto-update feature may cause higher internet bills.

So, if you don’t want Microsoft Store Apps to update automatically, you can turn off automatic updates for Microsoft store apps (previously Windows store). Just follow the steps shown below.

INFO: Earlier, this option was available in Windows 10 Pro only but now you can Disable Automatic App updates in Windows 10 Home too. Just update to latest build.

Disable Automatic App Updates In Windows 10

Step 1

First, open Store app. You can search “store” on Start and click on Store from search results.

Open microsoft store in windows 10

This will open Microsoft Store app on your PC. You will see various games and apps available for download. In Store App settings, we will get the option to disable automatic app updates.

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Step 2

On the top right side, near the search box, you will see an account icon. Click on this icon, it contains various options, select Settings from the menu.

Click on profile icon and select settings here you will be able to disable automatic app updates

In Settings, you will see status of various options. You can see Update apps automatically is On by default. This is why Windows is updating apps automatically. We will change these settings to disable automatic app updates.

Settings will display current status of app updates

Step 3

Turn “Update apps automatically” off to disable automatic app updates. This will keep Windows from using your precious data for updating apps when you are on limited data connection.

turn off the switch next to update apps automatically

After you have turned off “Update apps automatically” option, your Windows 10 will not update Windows Store Apps automatically. This will save your precious data.

NOTE: You can enable automatic Windows store app updates in Settings in case you change your mind.

Stop Automatic App Updates in Windows 10

Above tutorial explained how you can turn off automatic Microsoft store app updates in Windows 10. If you are looking to disable Automatic Windows Updates in Windows 10, it is not officially supported in Windows 10. But you can delay Windows updates to avoid any high data usage until you get to a better connection.

However, you can use Group Policy Editor for disabling Windows updates. But it is not recommended to disable automatic Windows updates in Windows 10 as it will make your PC vulnerable to security risks. Feel free to share your thoughts in comment section down below.

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