How To Disable ‘Quick Access’ In Windows 10

File Explorer in Windows 10 has a new feature, i.e. Quick Access. If you click on File Explorer icon on Taskbar, it opens a window, which shows your recently visited places (folders, files etc.). But, for some people it is not a handy tool, as most of us want to open ‘This PC‘ usually. Luckily, you can change settings in Windows File Explorer to open ‘This PC‘ instead of ‘Quick Access‘ when you click on File Explorer icon on Taskbar. This tutorial shows you how to change settings in Windows 10 to disable quick access and open ‘This PC’ instead of ‘Quick Access’.

How to disable ‘Quick Access’ in Windows 10?

Step 1

First, click on File Explorer icon, this will open Quick Access window.

Now, in the left pane right-click on Quick Access and select Options.

Step 2

Folder Options window will open. You will see an option saying “File Explorer Opens To“, click on the drop-down list and choose ‘This PC‘ instead of ‘Quick Access‘.

Now, click Apply and OK.

Step 3

You have successfully changed the settings. You can check this by clicking File Explorer icon on the taskbar. This will now open This PC instead of Quick Access window.

Now, every time you click on File Explorer icon, it will open This PC instead of Quick Access. You have now successfully disabled the Quick Access in Windows 10. Should you face a problem, just post a comment below. Enjoy, have fun!

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