How To Download With High Speed Using BitComet

Most of the people are tired of slow download speeds. Even after having good internet connection, the download speed is not up to the mark. Many people use Download Managers to speed up their downloads. Download managers like DownloadStudio, Download Accelerator Plus, GetRight, Go!Zilla, Internet Download Manager are mostly used. BitComet is one of the best Torrent Downloading applications, but you can also use BitComet as your download manager. This tutorial shows you how to use BitComet as download manager and download files with high speed using BitComet. For that you have to first install BitComet on your PC.

Follow this tutorial if you want to increase your downloading speeds.

What We Need?

How To Download With High Speed Using BitComet?

Step 1

First Download BitComet from above given link or go to in your web browser. You will get direct download link there, click on desired version of BitComet (i.e. 32-bit or 64-bit) and click on HTTP Download link.

BitComet Download will start. Wait for it to complete.

Step 2

After the download is complete, click on it to start the Setup.

You may see UAC Prompt, click Yes to continue-

Select your desired Language and click OK.

BitComet Setup will launch, click Next to continue-

Next, you will see license agreement, click on I Agree.

You will see another Privacy Policy prompt, click on I Agree again.

Step 3

Choose the components that you want to install and click next. You need not make any changes to the selections, just click Next.

Now, you will see prompt to choose destination folder. You can change the folder to your desired folder or leave it as it is and click Install.

BitComet will be installed and after installation, you will see a page asking you for installing some third party programs. BE CAREFUL HERE! IF YOU MISSED THIS STEP, YOU WILL HAVE SOME BLOATWARE INSTALLED IN YOUR PC.

Click on click here links to see check boxes for third party sotwares.

Uncheck the boxes and click on Next.

BitComet installation is complete. Uncheck the box next to “Start BitComet when starting Windows” if you don’t want BitComet to start with Windows. Click on Finish to exit setup wizard. BitComet will start, you can close it for now.

Step 4

Now, close all the web browsers if opened. And Open Google Chrome or your desired browser. You will see that BitComet Download Extension is ready to use, click on Enable Extension to enable it.

Now, you can “directly download any file from internet via BitComet at high downloading speed.”

Step 5

Now, go to any download page. In this tutorial I am taking example of Photoshop PSD file. First we will download this file using Google Chrome to see the normal downloading speed. Click on the download link to start download.

Now, click on Show all downloads… link to see the downloading speed.

Now, you see the normal downloading speed is around 5ooKbps.

Step 6

Again we will check the downloading speed with BitComet. Right-click on download link and choose “Download using BitComet” option. This option appears only when you have enabled BitComet Download Helper extension.

BitComet’s Add download prompt will appear, select download path and click on More>>.

In More>> options, you will see no. of connections, shown at the bottom of the window, is five (5).

Change Connection number to the maximum value i.e. 20 and click Download Now.

Downloading will start in BitComet, and you can check the downloading speed. It’s around three times (around 1500Kbps) the normal downloading speed as we seen in Google Chrome.

Besides downloading files, you can also download torrents using BitComet. Just Download any torrent file and double-click it to start the download. Enjoy, High Speed Download!

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