How To Enable And Use WhatsApp Video Calling Feature

How to enable WhatsApp Video Calling Feature?

WhatsApp has rolled out it’s most awaited Video Calling Feature on November 15, 2016. The spammers took advantage of this new feature by sending spam messages to WhatsApp users. Activating WhatsApp Video Calling Feature is easy and simple. You just need to upgrade your WhatsApp App to latest version available on Google Play Store, Apple Store or Windows Phone Store for Android, iPhone/iPad or Windows Phone respectively.

How to use WhatsApp Video Calling Feature?

Step 1

After you have updated WhatsApp to it’s latest version, open WhatsApp by taping on the WhatsApp icon on your Phone.

Now, tap on any Chat that you want to start Video Call with, to open conversation.

Step 2

In the Chat window, tap on the Phone icon on the title bar in the right side.

Now, you will see two options:

  1. Voice Call
  2. Video Call

Tap on Video Call to start video call with selected contact.

Step 3

You can now enjoy video calling with your friends!

You must have latest version of WhatsApp installed on your phone to use “WhatsApp Video Calling Feature.” And the person you are Calling, must have latest version of WhatsApp installed, otherwise the caller will get following error message:

Couldn’t place call

Couldn’t place call. Contact needs to update WhatsApp to receive calls.

You can avoid this error by asking your friend to update his/her WhatsApp application to the latest version. Enjoy, WhatsApp’s new Video Calling Feature.

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