How To Factory Reset Your Android Smartphone

Your Android phone is hanging a lot? You can’t run or install any applications or you can’t even use your phone normally? Your phone might require Factory Data Reset. By doing this, your phone will be flashed to the factory version. This tutorial shows you the method to Factory Reset your Android Phone. This tutorial is based on Lenovo A6000 / A6000 Plus Android Smartphone but same process applies for almost all Android Smartphones.

How To Factory Reset Your Android Smartphone?

Step 1

First go to your Android Phone’s menu, and tap on Settings.

Step 2

In Settings, tap on Backup and Reset

Step 3

In Backup & Reset menu, tap on Factory Data Reset,

Step 4

Now, you will see the details of the data that you are going to loose by performing Factory Data Reset. It is recommended to take backup of your data before proceeding. Tap on Reset phone to start Factory data Reset.

This action cannot be undone, so be sure before performing Factory Data Reset. Your phone will restart after Factory data reset, and you will have to login again using your google account. All your contacts and applications stored on your phone will be wiped out. Make sure you made a backup of the same. You can take help from this video-

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