How To Format Corrupt SD Card or USB Drive Using Chromebook Recovery Utility

Micro SD cards usually get corrupted and cause big problems to us. You can try DISKPART utility to repair your Micro SD card or USB pendrive, but sometimes DISKPART shows following error-

Diskpart has encountered an error: the system cannot find the file specified. See the system event log for more information“.

It means DISKPART has also failed to repair your Damaged SD Card/USB Drive. What to do in this condition? Well, if it’s a hardware error, you can’t do much about it. But if it is not a hardware error, you can try one more thing, i.e. Chormebook Recovery Utility.

This utility is used for creating Recovery media for Chromebooks and it can also be used to erase a recovery media. You can erase your corrupt Micro SD card/USB pendrive using this Chromebook Recovery Utility. This tutorial shows you, how to erase or clean a corrupt SD card or USB drive using Chromebook Recovery Utility.

Note: Your Memory Card or USB Drive must be detected by your computer in order to follow this tutorial.

What we need:

How To Erase Corrupt Memory Card Using Chromebook Recovery Utility?

Step 1

First, download Chromebook Recovery UtilityClick the link given above, it will take you to Chromebook Recovery Utility Download page. Click on ADD TO CHROME button to continue.

You will see a pop-up message, just click on Add App button to add this utility to your Google Chrome.

A new tab will open, showing you how to launch Chromebook Recovery Utility, just go back to previous tab.

Step 2

On the previous tab you will see an option to launch the application. Click on LAUNCH APP to start Chromebook Recovery Utility.

This will open Chromebook Recovery Utility.

Step 3

In the top-right corner, click on Settings button and select Erase Recovery Media from the list.

A new window will open, first, select your Micro SD card or USB pendrive from list as shown in screenshot below and then click on Continue.

Step 4

You are now all set to erase your corrupt memory card or MicrosSD Card or USB Pendrive. Just click on Erase Now to continue. If you see UAC Prompt, click on Yes.

Chromebook Recovery Utility will start erasing your selected MicroSD card or USB pendrive. Please note that all the data on your SD card or USB drive will be erased.

Now, your MicroSD card has been erased. You have to format it now manually. Click on Done to close the utility.

Step 5

Open My Computer ( or This PC in Windows 8 or 10)  and you will see your Micro SD card or USB drive unformatted. As you can see in the screenshot below, it will not be showing the available space. Right-click on it an select Format… to format your Micro SD card or USB drive.

Format window will open, click on Start to start formatting.

You will see a warning message that formatting will erase ALL data on this disk, click OK button to continue formatting.

After formatting is complete, you will see “Format Complete.” message, click OK to dismiss the message and your Micro SD card or USB drive is ready to be used.

This process may or may not work for you. But this process usually works for DISKPART Utility error- “Diskpart has encountered an error: the system cannot find the file specified. See the system event log for more information“. Hope it works for you.

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