How to Hack WiFi Passwords Saved in Android Phone using Terminal App

Sometimes, you may want to share your Wi-Fi password with your friends but you can’t remember it. If your phone is already connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you would have password saved on your phone.

Android smartphones, by default, don’t support viewing of saved or stored Wi-Fi passwords on them. While you can’t simply view the saved passwords, you can still use this terminal trick to hack Wifi passwords saved on your Android phone.

This tutorial shows you how to find and view stored/saved WiFi passwords on your Android smartphone using android terminal emulator app. Please note that your phone must be rooted.

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Check this video tutorial before we move to detailed steps on how to hack stored Wifi passwords.

In this tutorial we will be installing a ‘Terminal Emulator‘ app on Android smartphone so that we can run linux commands on Android smartphone.

How to Find WiFi Passwords Saved on Your Android Smartphone Using Terminal App?

Step 1

First, we have to install ‘Terminal Emulator‘ App for Android on smartphone. Open Play Store app on your phone.

open play store
google play store

Step 2

In Play Store search for terminal and tap on any app to install. You can use any of the terminal app to find stored wifi passwords.

search for terminal in play store to hack wifi passwords

Tap on INSTALL to install the app. Tap on ACCEPT when it asks for permission.

install terminal app hack wifi passwords
grant permissions

Terminal Emulator for Android will be downloaded and installed on your phone. Tap on OPEN to open the app.

open terminal app

Step 3

Now, you will see a command line window opened on your Android smartphone. Using this terminal we will find saved wifi passwords.

terminal app console

We are going to need Root Level Access to view system files. So first, we will switch to super user via terminal.

Type following command and press ENTER.

su root
get root access to hack wifi passwords

You will see a popup asking to grant terminal emulator superuser permissions. Tap on GRANT to continue.

approve super user access

You will see a toast message saying, “Terminal Emulator has been granted superuser permissions for an interactive shell“. Now we have Root Level Access. Now, we can view or hack saved wifi passwords in your phone.

root access confirmation

Step 4

Now, after getting superuser permissions, go to “/data/misc/wifi” path and list directory content using following commands.

cd /data/misc/wifi
open wifi file to find wifi passwords

The “wpa_supplicant.conf” file contains all Wi-Fi network saved passwords and other information. WPA in the name means encryption used is WPA. It may be WEP in some cases. The filename will be “wep_supplicant.conf” in that case. We need to open “wpa_supplicant.conf” file to view saved Wi-Fi passwords in your android smartphone using terminal emulator. Type following command and press ENTER.

cat wpa_supplicant.conf
view wpa_suplicant file

Step 5

Terminal emulator will display content of “wpa_supplicant.conf” file. You can view all your saved Wi-Fi network passwords here. You have successfully found saved wifi passwords on your phone.

hack saved wifi passwords

Note down your password and close terminal app.

close the terminal

Hack WiFi Passwords Stored in your Android Phone using Terminal

Using above tutorial, you can easily find WiFi passwords stored on your Android smartphone. You need to make sure that you have Rooted your phone before trying this. Please note that Rooting your phone may void your device’s Warranty. Check following linked tutorial on rooting android phone using KingRoot app.

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