How To Install Official WhatsApp Application On Windows PC

WhatsApp has recently released it’s official application for Windows and MAC both. Prior to that people has to use WhatsApp application on their Smartphones or in web browser using WhatsApp Web, Or using BlueStacks Android emulator. But now you can finally install Official WhatsApp application on your Windows or MAC PC. Just download the application from official WhatsApp website and install it in your PC and use it like you use WhatsApp web. This tutorial is about installing WhatsApp official application on your Windows PC. 

What do we require?

  • A PC running Windows or MAC (This tutorial is for Windows)
  • A smartphone running WhatsApp already.
  • Internet Connection on both PC and Phone.

How To Install Official WhatsApp Application On PC?

Step 1

In order to install official WhatsApp application on your PC, first you have to download it from WhatsApp’s official website:

Go to WhatsApp download page in your web browser by entering following address:

Step 2

Now, scroll the web page to see download official WhatsApp application for Windows PC. You can also select which version you  want to install, 32-bit or 64-bit. Just click appropriate download link.

After downloading, you will find WhatsApp application in your Downloads folder.

Step 3

Double-click downloaded application file to start installation. It may ask for your permission to run the application, click RUN if prompted.

After clicking RUN, WhatsApp official application’s installation will start.

Step 4

After installation, WhatsApp application is ready for use. You will see a QR code on the screen, just scan that code using your Phone and you will be connected to WhatsApp on your PC.

To scan this code in your Phone, go to Options > WhatsApp web and scan the QR code.

How To Use WhatsApp On PC Without BlueStacks (Using WhatsApp Web) - 2-Open-WhatsApp-in-your-Phone    How To Use WhatsApp On PC Without BlueStacks (Using WhatsApp Web) - 3-Tap-on-Options-and-select-Whatsapp-web

How To Use WhatsApp On PC Without BlueStacks (Using WhatsApp Web) - 4-Scan-QR-code-using-your-Phone

Step 5

You are all setup to use Official WhatsApp application on your PC. Make sure your have internet connection on your PC as well as on your Phone.

Keep the phone connected to internet all the time you are using Official WhatsApp on your PC.

Step 6

When you are done with chatting and want to close official WhatsApp on your PC, click on Three dots next to your profile pic and choose Logout.

If you wish to relaunch official WhatsApp application again, you can do it using the shortcut on your desktop.

Watch Video for more help-

So you see installing official WhatsApp application is quite easy and fun. If you face any problem installing and using WhatsApp official application, comment below.

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