How To Install Windows XP On New PC

This Tutorial shows how to install Windows XP on your new PC. We will be using Windows XP CD to install Windows XP. You have to setup your PC to boot from CD/DVD drive for installation.

What Do We Need: 

  • Windows XP CD,
  • Computer with CD/DVD drive.

How To Do It:

Step 1

Restart your PC and press any key when you see “Press any key to boot from CD/DVD…”.


Now Windows setup will start loading required files.


Step 2

After loading you will see screen showing your hard disk. Now you have to create partition for Windows XP installation.


Press C to create new partition. Enter partition size (in MB) and press Enter.


Now you have a new partition name as “C“. You can make multiple partitions if you wish. Same method will be used for creating another partitions also.

Step 3

Select Partition C and press Enter to install Windows XP on it. You will be asked to format it. Format it using NTFS file system.

As you press Enter, formatting  will be started–

After Formatting Windows files will be copied to partition C.


Step 4

Once copying completes, your PC will restart and Windows Setup will start.

Windows setup will install various utilities and programs and will prompt you for entering details:

Regional and Language Options:

Personalize Your Software:

Computer Name and Administrator Password:


Date and Time Settings:

Press Next. You may also have to insert Product key depending on which version of Windows XP CD you are using.

Step 5

After entering details, Windows setup will complete around in 10 minutes.

Your PC will restart again.

Windows XP will boot up and show you a dialog box, just click OK.

After this you will see another message about automatic resolution correction, click Yes to do it automatically. You can also change it later.


If you have done all these steps correctly, you will see welcome screen.


Now you have successfully installed Windows XP


Enjoy, You have successfully installed Windows XP on your new PC! Write in comments if you face problems while “installing Windows XP.”

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