How To Manually Adjust/Change Date And Time In Android SmartPhone

This article shows you how to manually change or adjust your Android Phone’s date and time. Android phones usually update time using your Cellular Networks. But sometimes, cellular network time synchronization doesn’t work or you may want to change your phone’s date for some other purposes. For example, you may want to change your Android phone’s date to get more lives in candy crush, or something else. For that purpose you should know how to change your Android phone’s date.

How To Manually Adjust/Change Date And Time In Android SmartPhone?

Step 1

Goto your Android phone menu and tap on Settings icon.

In Settings, tap on Date & Time

Step 2

Now, you see the check-box next to Automatic Date & Time is already checked. Tap on it to un-check it.

Step 3

Now, Set Date and Set time options will be enabled. Tap on Set date to change the date

You can now change the date of your Android phone manually. Set the date and tap OK.

Similarly, you can change time by taping on Change time,

Step 4

Now, you have successfully change the date and time settings of your Android phone. If you want revert back the changes or you want your phone to Automatically adjust the date and time according to your Cellular network, check the box next to Automatic date & time, by taping on it.

It is a better option to keep Automatic date and time settings on as it will automatically correct your phone’s date and time. In case your phone’s battery is dead for long time, you may loose your device’s date and time. And if you have turned Automatic date and time on (which is turned on by default), your phone will automatically adjust the date and time.

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