How To Move Windows 10 Apps to Other Drive From ‘C’

Microsoft’s Windows 10 allows the users to move Windows Apps to different drive than ‘C‘. It means you can move Windows 10 Apps to different drive on your computer and save space in your ‘C‘ drive. You can also change default save location for new Windows 10 apps to other drive, so that new apps from Windows Store will install directly to other drive. You can’t move default apps that came pre-installed with Windows 10, like Camera, Calculator etc. But you can move other apps that you have installed from Windows Store.

This tutorial shows you, how to move Windows 10 apps, that are already installed on ‘C’ drive, to another drive of your choice.

How To Move Windows 10 Apps to Other Drive From ‘C’?

Step 1

The option to Move Windows Apps to other drive from C drive can be found in Windows Settings App. You can easily access Settings by pressing “Windows + I” key combination on keyboard. Go to Settings and click on System.

Step 2

In System settings, you will find various options on left side of the System Settings window, click on Apps & Features. Windows 10 will load all installed apps (both default apps and downloaded apps from Windows app store) on the right side.

Click on the App that you want to move to other drive, you will see two options i.e. Move and Uninstall. You can use Uninstall option if you want to uninstall selected app from your Windows 10 PC. Click on Move to move this app to other drive. Again, you can’t move default applications but the apps you installed from Microsoft Store.

Step 3

Now, you can choose the disk drive from the list, to which you want to move the selected app and click on Move.

Selected App will be moved to selected disk drive. It may take some time to move app to the selected drive depending upon the size of app.

Now, you can free a lot of space on your ‘C‘ drive by moving apps to other drives. Additionally, you can also change default save location for new apps. Check following tutorial: How to change Default Save location for New Apps in Windows 10?

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