How To Play Basket Ball Game In Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has built in Basket Ball game in it. You can play Basket ball game in Facebook messenger with any of your friend by sending a basket ball emoji to them. Facebook earlier added “Chess Game” into the Messenger app which seems to be removed already (we didn’t find it working anymore). But currently “Basket Ball Game” in the Messenger is working fine. This tutorial shows, “how to play basket ball game in facebook messenger app in smartphone“.

What we need?

  • Facebook Messenger App

How to play Basket Ball game in Facebook Messenger App on Smartphone?

Step 1

First open Facebook Messenger App on your smartphone. Tap on Messenger icon to start the app.

Facebook Messenger will start and you will see list of recently contacted persons/friends.

Step 2

Now, select the name of the person you want to play Basket ball with. Open the chat head of that person/friend to play Basket ball game in Facebook Messenger.

Send a “Basket Ball emoji” to selected friend/person.

Step 3

After you have sent Basket Ball emoji to selected friend, tap on sent Basket ball emoji to start Basket ball game in Facebook Messenger.

Basket ball game will start. You can play the game by throwing the ball into the basket by swapping your finger on the mobile touchscreen. Each successful basket shot gives you 1 point and if you fail to basket the ball, your game is over. You can keep playing as long as you wish.

You can close the game anytime by pressing back button or by tapping on “Back Arrow” in the top left corner.

You can also play this free basket ball game in Facebook Messenger with anyone even with yourself too. Post your score in comments. You can watch following video for more clear help:

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