How To Play Pac-man Game In Google Maps on Smartphone

Google, on the occasion of 1st April has studded it’s Maps application with free PAC-MAN game. Pac-man is very old but popular game by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. You might have played this game on game-stations, playstations or computers but now you can play pac-man game on the streets of your city in Google Maps. Just open Google Maps on your smartphone (be it Android, Windows or iPhone/iPad) and browse your favorite city to play pac-man on the streets of. Tap on pac-man icon to start the game.

If you have updated your Google Maps App after first week of April, you may not be able to play the pac-man game.

This tutorial shows, “how to play pacman game in Google Maps on smartphone“. Follow the steps shown below.

What do we need:

  • Google Maps App


Step 1

First open Google Maps app on your smartphone. Tap on Maps icon.

Google Maps App will start. Browse to your favorite location.

Step 2

Tap on PAC-MAN icon on the right side near to Location icon.

The map will be converted to pac-man game’s board.

You are now ready to play pac-man game in Google Maps on your smartphone.

Step 3

To start the game swipe anywhere on the screen. You can swipe left, right, up or down to move pac-man to left, right, up or down respectively.

When you are done with playing pac-man in Google Maps on your smartphone, you can simply close it by pressing BACK button. And if you have exhausted all your lives, you will have options to “TRY AGAIN“, “SHARE YOUR SCORE” or “EXIT GAME“.

This game may provide very good time-pass if you are travelling in the taxi and stuck in the jam. But anyway, you can always play pac-man game in Google Maps on your smartphone (Android, Windows or iPhone/iPad) in free time. You can also take help from the video below-

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