How To Remotely Access Your Computer And Files Using TeamViewer

How do you carry your important data with you? Most probably your answer will be USB Drive or CD/DVD Disk. Mostly people carry their important data in USB drives. There may be a lot of data that you want to carry with you, but due to limitation of space on your USB drive, you can’t carry it all with you. Some people use External Hard Drives for this purpose but these hard drives are costly. And what if you forget your hard drive at home? Or what if you require some important file and that is not with you at that time but you have at home? Here is the solution to this problem- You can access your files remotely using TeamViewer.

You can access your files remotely in two ways-

  1. Make your Computer a webserver and access your files from anywhere. But this method is tricky and suitable for geeks. And if you are a normal guy, you should try second method.
  2. Access your files remotely using TeamViewer.

This tutorial shows you how to access files on your PC remotely using TeamViewer?
TeamViewer is a networking software mostly used for taking remote control of computers for troubleshooting purpose at remote locations using internet connection. You can also setup TeamViewer for unattended accessUnattended Access means, you don’t need to call somebody to tell you TeamViewer ID and Password to connect. Let’s see how it works:

What do we need?

How To Remotely Access Your Computer And Files Using TeamViewer?

Step 1

First we are going to need TeamViewer software. We have to install TeamViewer on both computers. First let’s see installtion of TeamViewer on your personal/home computer. If you have already installed and configured Team Viewer for unattended access, you can skip to Step 3, other wise continue with this guide-
You can download TeamViewer from official website, it’s free for personal use. After downloading, double-click downloaded file.

TeamViewer setup will start, first check the boxes next to “Installation to access this computer remotely (unattanded)” , “Personal/Non-commercial use” and click Accept – finish to start installation.

You may see UAC prompt, just click Yes to continue-

TeamViewer installation will start, setup will copy files to your PC and complete the installation.

Step 2

After Setup has completed, setup for Unattended Access will start. Click Next to continue-

Now, you will have to define a personal password that you will use for accessing your home computer. Click Next to continue.

Next, you will be asked for a TeamViewer account, you may create one or if you already have one, you can login with it. If you don’t want to setup TeamViewer account, just tick the check-box next to “I don’t want to create a TeamViewer account now” and click Next.

You have successfully completed the wizard. Note down the ID shown in the box. You should save this ID in your Phone or write down in your diary. You are going to need this ID to access this computer remotely. Click Finish to exit Unattended access wizard.

Now you can close TeamViewer. You will see a pop-up saying that TeamViewer is still running in background.

You have successfully configured your home computer to be accessed remotely. The two things that you should keep in mind before accessing it remotely are-

  1. Your Computer must be Powered ON to be accessed remotely. If you can’t keep it Powered ON always, you can try Wake on LAN/WAN.
  2. A working internet connection is required to access your PC remotely.

After getting these two things ready, you can access your PC remotely using TeamViewer.

Let’s see how to access it remotely using TeamViewer. 

Step 3

To access your home PC from any other PC around the world, you need to install TeamViewer on other computer also. Setup has to be little different for it. After double-clicking setup file, setup will start. Check the boxes next to “Basic installation”, “Personal/Non-comercial use” and click Accept – finish to continue.

Again you may see UAC prompt, click Yes to continue installation-

After clicking Yes, setup will install TeamViewer on this computer.

TeamViewer will launch after successful installation.

Step 4

Enter your home computer’s ID in the box under Partner ID, and click Connect to partner.

You will be asked to enter the password, enter the password that you had setup in Step 2, and click Log On.

You will be connected to your home computer. You will see lock screen.

You have to login to access your files. Login with your home computer’s user and password.

Step 5

You will see TeamViewer bar on the top of the screen, click File transfer >> File transfer to exchange files between your home computer and the remote computer that your are on.

File transfer window will open. You will see two panes, one for Local computer and other one for Remote computer. Local computer is the computer that you are currently using and Remote computer is your home computer.

Browse to the location of the file you want to use. Now, drag that file to Local computer side. File will be copied to the Local computer.

It may take some time to copy file from your home computer to this local computer depending upon your internet connection speed and file size. After copying, you will see that file in your Local computer pane.

Now, you can close TeamViewer. Go to the location where you have copied the file. You will see that file there and you are free to use it as you wish.

This method comes very handy when you require some file that is only available on your home computer. TeamViewer is required to be installed on both the PCs to exchange files between them. You can use this method on any version of Windows. If you face trouble using this method, comment below.

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