How To Remove Line Breaks Present In The Text

Usually text copied from websites contains lots of line breaks. These line breaks make the text look messed up. You can’t easily identify paragraphs with all these line breaks. To arrange the text in paragraphs, it is necessary to remove line breaks present in the copied text. This tutorial shows, “how to remove line breaks from the text.”

Here we are going to show two methods to remove line breaks present in the text– One method uses Microsoft Office Word and other uses an Online website tool for removing line breaks from the text. Let’s start with first method.

Microsoft Office Word method to remove line breaks present in the text

In this method, we will be using Microsoft Word to remove line breaks present in the text. Microsoft Word is commonly used software for word processing. Follow these steps:

Step 1

First copy the text with line breaks into a new Microsoft Word document and save it with any name. This will help us recover it if something goes wrong. I have taken example of dummy Lorem Ipsum text.

Step 2

Now, when you have your text ready, click on Replace button in the Home menu. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + H on Keyboard.

This will invoke Find and Replace window. We will use this tool of Microsoft Office Word to remove line breaks present in the text. Click on More >> button to see advanced options.

Step 3

In Advanced Options, click on Special and select Manual Line Break. This will enter a special character in “Find what:” text box.

Now, enter SPACE in “Replace with:” text box and click on Replace All button. You will see a confirmation message showing the number of the words replaced, click OK to continue.

Step 4

You can now close Find and Replace window.

Go back to MS Word and you will see that all your “un-necessary line breaks” are gone and your text is now arranged in paragraphs.

This method is quite easy and simple. But if someone doesn’t have Microsoft Office installed in his PC or simply doesn’t want to use this method, he can easily get same results by using a website tool named as TEXTFIXER.COM. This website provides online tool for removing line breaks.

Online Tool method to remove line breaks present in the text

In this method we are going to use a website names as TextFixer. This website provides an online tool for removing line breaks in the text.


Follow these steps:

Step 1

Copy and following url in your web browser to access TextFixer online tool for removing line breaks present in the text.

Step 2

Scroll a bit down to see Line Break Removal Tool. You will see two text boxes–First is for entering the text with line breaks and second one is to allow you copy the new text without line breaks after removing line breaks. Above first text box, you can see two options: Remove line breaks only and Remove line breaks and paragraph breaks. First option is already selected, but if you wish to remove paragraph breaks along with line breaks, you can select second option.

Paste your text with line breaks in first text input box and click on Remove Line Breaks button.

Step 3

Now you can copy corrected text from second text box.

You have your text without line breaks in the second text box. Copy it and use it the way you want.

These two methods explained above to remove line breaks from text are quite easy to use and do the job quickly. There are many other websites available across the world wide web to do the same job. After removing line breaks, your text is ready to be used the way you want. Feel free to comment your problems and suggestions.

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