How To Rename Extensions Of Multiple Files Without Any Software

Have you ever tried renaming file extension of any file? Sometime we require to change file extension of any file to use it in some specific program. Renaming file extensions of one or two files is easy but when you have to rename hundreds or thousands of them, it is really a headache. This tutorial shows you, how to rename file extension of multiple files using single command. In this tutorial I am taking example of 10 MP4 files and renaming their extensions to MP3.

The number of files doesn’t really matter, you can rename thousands of files using this trick. You can rename from any file extension to any other file extension. And we don’t require any software for that, Command Prompt is good enough for this.

How To Rename Extensions Of Multiple Files Without Any Software?

Step 1

First get all your files, whose extension you want to change, in a folder. In this tutorial I have 10 MP4 file in a folder named Test.

Step 2

Now, open Command prompt in the selected folder where all the files are present. You can click here to see how to open command prompt in any folder. Or simply, press and hold Shift-Key, right-click in blank space and choose “Open command window here”.

This will open command window in that specific folder. You can check the path in command prompt.

Step 3

Now, type following command and press Enter.

ren *.mp4 *.mp3


ren This command is used to rename files
*.mp4 Existing file extension with any file name
*.mp3 Desired file extension with any file name, you can choose any other file extension

Click here for more Windows CMD commands.

Step 4

File extensions of all files have changed from MP4 to MP3. You can see that only file extensions have changed and file names are same, that’s why we have used “*” before file extensions in command.

All file extensions were changed by single command. It does’t matter how many files you have, just one command to rename file extensions of all of them. Renaming file extensions of multiple files is very easy. Enjoy, have fun!

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