How to Format Corrupt USB or SD Card using Diskpart

Biggest problem with USB drives and SD Cards is that they easily get corrupted. After that, every time you plug your memory card or USB drive into your PC, it asks you to format it. Even if you try to format, it gives error saying, “Windows was unable to complete the format“. Now, you have to format this corrupt USB or SD card using Diskpart before you can start using it again.

Diskpart is command line disk management utility in Windows. It comes very handy when conventional methods fail to format a disk whether USB or SD card. So, if your PC is still detecting your corrupt SD card or USB drive, Diskpart can help you make it usable again.

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Repair Corrupt Memory Card or USB Drive using Diskpart

So, in this tutorial, we will show you how to format a corrupt USB or SD card using Diskpart in Windows. We have used a Windows 11 PC in this tutorial. However, the steps are identical for Windows 10 or Windows 7 also. So, you won’t have any trouble following them.

Before we move to detailed steps, check following video.

NOTE: This tutorial doesn’t work in case of hardware errors in your SD card or USB drive. Which means, if your PC doesn’t detect your USB or SD card, you can’t fix it using this method.

Step 1: Start Command Prompt with Administrator Rights

First of all, insert corrupt USB drive or SD Card into your PC. After that, start Command Prompt as administrator from Start menu. Simply search for cmd on Start and click Run as Administrator under Command Prompt.

Launch Command Prompt As Administrator From Start
Launch Command Prompt as administrator from Start

Command prompt with Administrator privileges will start.

Open Command Prompt As Administrator
Command Prompt as Administrator

Besides Command Prompt, you can also use Windows Terminal in Windows 11.

Step 2: Start Diskpart and List your Disks

Now, we will use Diskpart to perform disk management tasks on your corrupt USB or SD card. So, type diskpart and press Enter in Command Prompt to start Diskpart utility.

Now type following command and press Enter.

list disk

Diskpart will list all available disk drives in your PC including USB drive or SD card plugged in your PC. Here, note down the disk number of your corrupt USB disk or SD card. In our case, disk number is 1.

Launch Diskpart And Run List Disk Command
Launch Diskpart and run list disk command

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Step 3: Select your Disk and Clean it using Diskpart

Now, after you have noted down the disk number of your corrupt USB or SD card, we will select it in CMD. After that we will be able to format that corrupt USB or SD card. So, type following commands and press Enter after each command.

select disk 1
Select Disk And Run Clean Command To Format Your Corrupt Usb Or Sd Card
Select Disk and run clean command

Your USB drive or Memory Card has been cleaned completely. All the partitions and data on it has been destroyed. We will have to create partitions again.

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Step 4: Create Partition and Format Corrupt USB or SD card using Diskpart

Now, it’s time to create the partition on your corrupt USB or SD card again. After creating the partition, we will format it and then assign a drive letter to it. So, type following commands one by one and press Enter every time.

create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=ntfs quick

Formatting may take some time depending on the size of the drive. In this tutorial we have used NTFS file system for formatting corrupt USB or SD card. If you wish to use FAT32 file system, use format fs=fat32 quick command instead.

Format Selected Usb Disk Or Sd Card And Assign A Drive Letter
Format selected disk and assign a drive letter

Step 5: Verify your USB or SD card in File Explorer

After formatting is done and you have assigned a drive letter to your corrupt USB drive or SD card, you can close Command Prompt.

After that, go to This PC and check your USB drive or SD card. As you can see, it has been successfully formatted. Now, you can start copying your files on it.

Corrupt Usb Or Sd Card Format Successful
Corrupt USB or SD Card formatted successfully

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Format your Corrupt USB or SD Card using Diskpart Utility in Windows

Now, your corrupt Memory Card (SD card) or USB drive is ready to be used. You can test it by copying some files on it. If copying work successfully, then your SD Card or USB has been repaired successfully. However, if Diskpart doesn’t work for you, you can also try Chromebook Recovery utility to format your corrupt SD card or USB drive.

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