How To Repair Corrupted Memory Card / USB Pendrive

Biggest problem with USB Pendrives and Memory Cards (SD Cards) is that they easily become corrupt. Everytime you plug your memory card or Pendrive into your PC, it ask you to format it. Even if you try to format, it gives error saying, “Unable to format“. You can’t open this corrupt memory card/Pendrive and can’t copy anything to it.

This tutorial shows, how to make your corrupt memory card(SD Card) or pendrive work.

Now, you have seen the video, let’s check these steps in details.


What do we need?

  • Corrupt Memory Card (SD Card) / USB Pendrive
  • A Computer with Windows installed on it.

How To Repair Corrupted Memory Card / USB Pendrive?

Step 1

Insert USB Pendrive or Memory Card (SD Card) into your PC and note down the drive letter of the SD card or pendrive. In my case, the drive letter of USB pendrive or SD Card is E.

Click on Start and type cmd in search box. Right-click on cmd in search results and select Run as Administrator.

Command prompt with Administrator privileges will start.

Step 2

Now open the Disk Management utility-
Type diskpart in CMD and press Enter. This will open Diskpart utility.
Now type following command and press Enter
list disk
note disk no. of your USB Disk / SD Card (it’s 2 in my case)
Now select your USB pendrive / Memory Card by entering following command-
select disk 2

Now, we will clean USB pendrive / SD card (Memory Card)
type clean and press Enter.

Your USB pendrive or Memory Card has been cleaned completely.

Step 3

Select your USB pendrive / Memory Card by entering following command-
select disk 2
(replace 2 with the number your USB pendrive / Memory Card has).
Now type these commands one-by-one and press Enter every time.

create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=NTFS

Formatting can take a little time depending on the size of the drive.

Step 4

After formatting is done, type assign and press Enter.

This will Assign a drive letter to your Pendrive or Memory Card
Now exit DiskPart Utility by entering exit command.

Now, your Memory Card / USB Pendrive is ready to be used. You can test it by copying some files to it. If copying work successfully, then your Memory Card/ Pendrive has been repaired successfully. Enjoy, have fun!

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  1. Excellent information you’ve supplied in the post.

  2. Md Yaseen Shareef

    Assalam alaikum Aslam bhai iam md yaseen shareef i have a problem with my sd card . it has corrupted but its opening when iam inserting in laptop but i cant get formate it please show me a solution for this problem.
    thanks and regards

    • Walekum-assalam Yaseen bro, have you tried the method shown in this tutorial? If not, please first try this one and tell me what error it shows!

  3. Hi I tried according to your given steps but when I formated it , it took 8 hours to complete only 14% then i stopped it .I was formatting 32 Gb samsung sdcard class 10 . Now what can i do ?

  4. After I selected the disk 5 and I typed clean its shows “diskpart has encountered an error: the system cannot find the file specified . see the system event log for more information “

    • Hi Nishanth, sorry to hear that you are facing problems. Have you tried starting Command Prompt with Administrator Privileges? If Not, please give it a try.

    • You can also try using Chromebook Recovery Utility to erase your corrupt Memory Card or USB drive. Click here for tutorial.

  5. it say that no usable free extent could be found. it may be that there is insufficient free space to create a partition at the specified size and offset.
    what shall I do?????¿??????

  6. Mine is not even detected in my pc. I think it has some hardware error.

  7. Hello Hell PC words this is Minase again I was trying to fix my corrupted memory card but I am having on step4 selecting the disk again and creating partition it just displays no disk selected. So what can you help me on this kind of problem and to make it more clear I have taken some screenshots if you can give me an email address of your org I can attach and sent them. Thankyou.

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