How To Reset Windows 10 Lost Password

Resetting Lost password in Windows 10 is really a tough job if you are not aware of certain third party tools. Different types of tools are available online which can allow you to reset “lost Windows 10 password.” But there exist a native method to reset Windows 10 lost password, this process doesn’t require any third party tool. You just need Windows installation disk i.e. Windows Bootable CD/DVD or Windows Bootable USB to reset lost Windows Password.

In Windows 8 or 10 there are two types of User accounts, i.e. Microsoft Account and Local Account. Microsoft Account is attached to your online account. You have to reset it’s password online via website while Local Account is defined only for that particular computer. You can reset the Password of local account easily.

You may face problems if there is only one account on your PC and that account is Microsoft Account.

Continue reading this tutorial to know how to reset Windows 10 lost password using Windows installation media.

What We Need?

How to reset Windows 10 lost password?

Step 1

First insert Windows installation disk into your computer and restart it.

Step 2

Go to BIOS settings of your PC and set your PC to boot from CD/DVD if you are using Windows 10 installation DVD & if you are using Windows 10 installation USB, set your PC to boot from USB drive.

Now on Startup you will see “Press any key to boot from CD/DVD or USB…”. Press any key to start Windows 10 setup.

Windows 10 Setup will start, you will see following screen-

Press “Shift + F10″ on Keyboard to open command prompt.

Step 3

Type following commands in command prompt window and press Enter key each time you enter a command.

cd Windows\System32
ren sethc.exe sethc.exe.bak
copy cmd.exe sethc.exe

 — this command changes Disk drive from X: to D:

cd Windows\System32 — this command changes working directory to System32 folder inside Windows folder.

ren sethc.exe sethc.exe.bak — this command renames “sethc.exe” utility to “sethc.exe.bak“. sethc.exe is used for turning on Sticky Keys. When you press Shift Key five times consecutively, sethc.exe becomes active.

copy cmd.exe sethc.exe — this command makes a copy of command prompt utility and renames it to sethc.exe

Now you can close command window, cancel Windows setup and restart your PC and remove Windows DVD or USB.

Step 4

After your PC restarts, on logon screen, press Shift Key five times consecutively. A command prompt with Administrator privileges will open.

Two cases can be considered from here, Microsoft account case and Local Account Case.

First we will discuss Microsoft Account case

Step 5

If you have only one Microsoft Account in your PC, enter following commands in cmd window (press Enter after every command)-

net user Hell-PC /add

 (This command will add Hell-PC local user to your PC, you can type your desired name in place of Hell-PC)

net localgroup administrators Hell-PC /add 

(This command makes Hell-PC a member of Administrators group)

Now you can close cmd window, you will see new User on logon screen that you just created. Restart your computer and you can login using this account without any password as we didn’t set any passwords for it.

Now, the second case: You have local account on your PC whose password you have forgotten.

Step 6

If you already have a local account but you have forgotten password for it, enter following command prompt window that popped up in Step 4 (don’t forget to press Enter after every command.)-

net user

(This command shows you the list of all users on your PC)

net user Hell-PC *

(This command is used to change the password of selected user. Hell-PC is username, you can replace with your Username.)

After pressing Enter key, you will be asked to Type a password for the user:, you can enter your desired password but it won’t be displayed. You can also leave it blank and press Enter. It will again ask you to Retype the password to confirm:, type same password as you did previously and press Enter. If you left it blank previously, then just press Enter this time also.

You have successfully reset Windows 10 lost password. Now you can login with new password. If you left the password blank, Just click on your User account to login without password.

Reset Windows Lost Password Using PCUnlocker Utility

PCUnlocker is a bootable disk that can bypass or reset forgotten passwords of local administrator and Microsoft account in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. You can simply make a bootable USB or CD/DVD using the PCUnlocker ISO & boot from it. You may have to setup your PC to boot from USB or CD/DVD depending upon the type of the bootable disk you have created. Follow these steps to reset your Windows password using PCUnlocker.

Step 1

Insert bootable PCUnlocker disk into your PC and restart your computer. If you have correctly set your PC to boot from USB or CD/DVD, it will automatically load PCUnlocker.

Step 2

PCUnlocker automatically detects your SAM file which stores passwords for user accounts. In case it doesn’t detect it automatically, you can manually browse for it. PCUnlocker will display the list of all user accounts in your PC. Select a user account and click Reset Password button to reset it’s password.

Enter new password for selected account. Password is displayed in plain text. After entering new password click OK.

Step 3

After successfully changing the password, click Restart button to restart your PC. Make sure to remove the bootable PCUnlocker CD/DVD or USB from your PC.

Your PC will boot into Windows, just like before. Enter the new password to login into your PC.

Using above tutorial, you can easily “reset the password of your Windows 10 PC“. You can download PCUnlocker Utility from official website. Should you face a problem, write below in comments. Enjoy, have fun!

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