How to Run Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Phone

Lots of people around the world run two or more WhatsApp accounts. People usually carry two phones to run two WhatsApp accounts because Android phones normally don’t allow running multiple instances of same app. Some Android device manufacturers like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Samsung allow running multiple instances of apps simultaneously through app cloning. However app cloning is not available in other Android phones.

In such phones, you can use third party apps to run multiple WhatsApp accounts in your phone. But you will miss out on your Chat backup for second WhatsApp account as you may have stored your second WhatsApp account’s chats on different Google Drive account. However you can restore your chat backup by using a simple trick explained in this tutorial.

In this tutorial, we will be using Parallel Space app to run two WhatsApp accounts in one phone with full chat backup restore for second WhatsApp account also. Besides WhatsApp, you can use Parallel Space app to run second instance of Facebook, Twitter or any other app. Parallel space works without Root access.

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Watch this video to see how to install and run two WhatsApp accounts in one Android phone:

Still have issues understanding the process? Alright, let’s see how to do it step by step:

Step 1

We need to install Parallel Space app in order to “run multiple accounts of WhatsApp”. Parallel Space app is available on Google Play Store for free. To install Parallel Space app in your Android phone, open Play Store in your phone, search for “parallel space“. Tap on INSTALL to install Parallel Space in your phone and when it asks for permissions, tap on ACCEPT to continue.

install parallel space app

Parallel Space app will be installed on your Android phone.

Step 2

After installation of Parallel Space app, tap on OPEN to open the app. When app starts for first time, it will ask you to select apps to add to Parallel Space. Select the apps that you want to use with two accounts and tap on ADD TO PARALLEL SPACE.

add apps to parallel space

In this tutorial, we have selected only three apps, you may select more apps if you want. Make sure to select WhatsApp.

Step 3

For restoring chats of second WhatsApp account, we will need to add one more app that is Google App to Parallel Space. Adding Google app is necessary to run two WhatsApp accounts in one device. This will allow us to sign in to another Google account and restore Chat backup from there. To add Google App to Parallel space, tap on ADD APP, select Google App from app list and tap on ADD TO PARALLEL SPACE.

add google app to parallel space to run two whatsapp accounts

Now we have all the required apps in Parallel Space.

Step 4

First, we will have to sign in to the Google Account on which you have Chat Backup stored for second WhatsApp account. Tap on Google App to start it. However it may crash for the first time if your phone is running 64-bit Android. You will need to install Parallel Space 64-bit support to make it work. Tap on INSTALL to continue.

google app needs 64 bit support

You will be redirected to Play Store to install Parallel Space 64-bit support which is only few KBs. Tap on INSTALL to continue. Tap on ACCEPT when it asks for permissions and it will be installed.

install 64 bit support for parallel space

After successful installation, press BACK button to go back to Parallel Space app. Now, you can continue to sign in to another Google account to install two WhatsApp instances.

Step 5

Tap on Google App again, it will work this time. When Google app opens, tap on SIGN IN to continue.

sign in to google account

Now sign in using your Google account which has Chat Backup for second WhatsApp account.

sign in to google account enter credentials

Accept the agreement and tap on I AGREE when it asks. You don’t need to configure Google App completely, just sign in will be enough. Tap on SKIP to skip Google app configuration.

agree terms and conditions and enable google drive backup

Press BACK button to return to Parallel Space app. Now you can continue to install second WhatsApp account.

Step 6

Now, we are all set. Tap on WhatsApp to configure your second WhatsApp account with chat backup. WhatsApp will open like you just installed it on new phone, tap on AGREE AND CONTINUE.

run two whatsapp accounts start second whatsapp

It is time to enter your mobile number and verify it.

verify mobile number in second whatsapp

Step 7

After verifying your mobile number, WhatsApp will look for backups on Google Drive. If you have signed in using correct Google account, you will be notified about available Chat Backup. Tap on RESTORE to continue.

restore chat backup for second whatsapp

After successful restore tap on NEXT to continue. Fill your profile info (Name, Profile pic) and tap on NEXT. WhatsApp will start will all your chats restored. You can now enjoy your second WhatsApp with full chat backup.

set your profile info and continue using your second whatsapp account

Enable Notifications for Second WhatsApp account

Step 8

Now you have successfully installed second WhatsApp on your phone and restored chat backup. It’s time to enable notifications for Parallel Space Apps. This way you can receive notification for second WhatsApp whenever you receive a message.

After the installation of Parallel Space app, you should have noticed that a notification was showing up in notification panel. Tap on that notification to setup notification access to Parallel Space app.

notification access for parallel space

Turn on the switch next to Parallel Space app to allow notification access to Parallel Space. You will see a confirmation message, tap on ALLOW and notification access will be enabled.

enable notification access to parallel space to allow whatsapp notifications

Install and Run two WhatsApp accounts in one Android Phone

Now you have successfully installed two WhatsApp accounts in your Android phone using Parallel Space app. And also restored the chat backup from Google drive. If you have not enabled Chat backup already, you can check this tutorial on how to enable chat backup in WhatsApp.

Along with WhatsApp, you can also run multiple accounts of other apps like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. using Parallel Space app. And you will get separate notifications for both accounts. Hope you liked the tutorial. Feel free to drop your queries and suggestions in comment section down below.

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