How To Scan Your PC In Emergency Using ESET SysRescue Disk

Is your PC under VIRUS attack? Has your PC become inoperative? You can’t even start your PC? And even if your PC starts, it behaves in strange manner, then you are at right place. If your PC is highly affected by VIRUS and you can’t even scan your PC using your regular antivirus, because Virus would not allow you to use Antivirus. There is only one solution to this problem, i. e. “Scanning your PC using Emergency Rescue disk.”

For scanning your PC in emergency, you have to first create Emergency disk. After creating Emergency disk, you can use it to scan your PC. You can check here how to create emergency disk. After creating emergency disk, you have to boot from this USB disk. You can see here how to setup your PC to boot from USB. Let’s start scanning your PC.

What do we need:

How To Scan Your PC In Emergency Using ESET SysRescue Disk?

Step 1

After setting up your PC to boot from USB Drive, insert ESET SysRescue Disk into USB port and restart your PC. Your PC will automatically boot from ESET SysRescue Disk. Select “Run ESET SysRescue” and press Enter.

ESET SysRescue will start.

Step 2

After Starting, ESET SysRescue will show you License Agreement. Choose “Enable Live Grid Early Warning System” and “Enable detection of potentially unwanted applications” from the two drop-down lists respectively and click “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” to continue.

Step 3

After accepting License Agreement, ESET SysRescue application will launch. On the left pane, you can switch between Home, On-demand scan, Update and Tools. If you want to scan your PC, click on On-demand Scan and on the right side, you can click either Smart scan or Custom Scan.  If you have a working internet connection, then it’s better to check for updates before your start scan.

After clicking on any of the above two options, ESET will start scanning your PC for Viruses. Let the scan complete and you can have coffee in mean time.

After the scan is complete, you will see the no. of detected threats and you can choose to delete them. It will show you the scan log after deleting the threats. Click Close to exit scan log.

Step 4

ESET SysRescue Disk has some other features also. And one of them is TeamViewer. If you are having trouble with using ESET SysRescue, you can connect to your friend and ask him for help.

After you are done with scanning your PC, click Arrow button on the bottom-left corner of the screen and select Logout.

Now, you will see three options, Shutdown, Reboot and Cancel. Click on Reboot to restart your PC.

While rebooting, remove ESET SysRescue USB Pendrive from USB port. Your PC will start normally and you can now use it. First thing you should do after reboot is, Install a good Antivirus if not installed already. If you already have antivirus installed, update virus database.

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