How to Set Custom Charging Animation on iPhone in iOS 14

With the release of iOS 14, Apple has sort of opened the gateway for a lot of customizations in iPhones. Whether it is the ability to change app icons or customizable home screen widgets, the iOS version has got a lot for you if you are a fan of customization. One of these great customizations is “the custom charging” animation on the iPhone. If you don’t want that boring charging animation and want something cool and new which should automatically start the moment you plug in your iPhone for charging, you are at the right place. Keep reading for till the end.

How to Set Custom Charging Animation on iOS 14 or Later

So, how are we going to set a custom charging animation in iOS 14? The process is not very straight forward but we will try to keep is as simple as possible. First, we will be using a charging animation app to select the desired animation. Then, we will use the Shortcuts app to start the charging animation when the iPhone is plugged in for charging.

As told earlier, the process is not very simple but the result is worth it. Once set up perfectly, the animation works reliably. Without further ado, let’s start the process. This is a two step process as explained below:

1. Download Charging Animation App and Select Your Desired Animation

First of all, you will have to install your favorite charging animation app. We have found following 3 apps with coolest charging animations.

  • Charging Animation (free)
  • Charging Sound: (free)
  • Charging Sounds and Effects: (free)

These apps are free and have a good set of animations. So, after downloading your favorite app, select the animation you want to use. In this tutorial, we will be using following animation:

2. Set the Custom Charging Animation on Your iPhone using Shortcuts app

Step 1

After selecting the desired animation, open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and tap on the Automation tab at the bottom.

Step 2

In Automation, tap on Create Personal Automation button. Now, scroll down to the bottom and select the Charger option. 

Step 3

First of all select “Is Connected” option. Now, tap on Next at the top right corner for next 2 screens. On the third screen, disable the toggle Ask before Running and tap on Done at the top right corner of the screen. 

Step 4

Now, tap on the “When iPhone is connected to power” option and tap on the No action to define the desired action.

Step 5

On the next screen, tap on the Add Action button and then select Scripting option and finally select Open App

Step 6

Now, tap on the Choose option and then select the charging animation you want to use. 

Step 7

After selecting the Charging Animation, tap on the back button at the top left corner and then tap on the Done button to save the changes. 

Step 8

Check the Charging Animation. It’s time to check the charging animation we have set. Plug-in your iPhone for charging, the custom charging animation will start playing automatically.

Setting Custom Charging Animation on iPhone (iOS 14)

You are all set now! You has successfully setup a cool Charging Animation on your iPhone. If you are looking for variations, you can checkout various charging animation apps available on App Store. Hope you liked the tutorial. Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions in the comment section down below.

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