How To Setup Your PC To Boot From CDROM/DVDROM

If you are trying to reinstall Windows using Windows installation disk, then you have to setup your PC to boot from CD/DVD drive. If you don’t set it up, you won’t be able to boot from Windows installation disk. This tutorial shows “how to setup BIOS to boot from CD/DVD Disk Drive.” This process may vary slightly for different motherboards. So, use your intelligence.

How to setup your PC to boot from CD/DVD drive?

Step 1

Restart your PC. While computer is booting up, press DELETE key repeatedly or any other specified key to enter BIOS setting.

Step 2

In BIOS go to BOOT menu and select Boot Device Priority and change First BOOT Device to CD ROM.

Step 3

You have now successfully setup your PC to boot from CD/DVD Drive. It’s time to save the settings, press F10 to Save and exit. Press Enter to save the changes.

Now your PC is ready to boot from CD/DVD Drive”. Now insert Windows Installation Disk and restart your PC. When you see “Press any key to boot from CD/DVD…“, just press any key and operating system installation will start. Should you face any problems, write in comment box.

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  1. I wondered why my pc wasn’t booting from CD. Now, I can boot from cd.

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