How To Share Your Real-Time Location With Others On Google Maps

Maps are quite useful to the people who love to travel. Maps guide you through places and helps find your way easily. Mobile versions of maps i.e. Google Maps etc. have become very famous these days. You can find and explore map of any place or area on the go using Google Maps application within few seconds. Like other products of Google, Maps application has improved a lot over the time and Google keeps adding new features to it’s Maps application. Recently Google has introduced a new feature to Google Maps which allows you to share your real-time location with your selected contacts.

You can understand importance of this feature by considering following scenario: You and one of your friends want to catch up for dinner. But you are new to the city and you don’t know where you are and you are not able to tell your exact location. What can you do in that condition? A lot of efforts and time will be required to meet your friend. “Google Maps’ real time location sharing feature” minimizes time and efforts to meet your friend by sharing your real-time location with your friend via Google Maps.

Please remember, you must have active internet connection on your phone and location must be enabled in order to use this feature!

Follow this tutorial to see how to share your real-time location with your contacts via Google Maps:

Step 1

First open Google Maps app on your phone by tapping on Maps icon.

Now you can see your location on map. You need to share your location with your friend and vice versa. Then you both can see each other’s real-time location on map and it will be very easy to both of you to navigate.

Step 2

Tap on menu to see options and tap on “Share location” to share your location with your contacts.

Now, tap on GET STARTED to start sharing your real-time location with selected contacts. Next you will see options to select time duration for which your location will be shared and contacts with whom your location will be shared. Check on “Until you turn this off” and tap on “Select people“.


Step 3

Now it’s time to select contacts to share your location with. Select your desired contacts and tap on Share to share your location via Google Maps.

Step 4

Now, you are sharing your location with your friend. If you don’t see your friend’s location on map, it means your friend is not sharing his location with you.


Step 5

Now your friend will receive a notification that will allow him to see your real-time location via Google Maps.

As soon as he taps on that notification, Google Maps app will launch and your friend can see your real time location.


Your friend can see location of both of you but you can see only your location. In order to allow you to see your friend’s real-time location, your friend also needs to share his location by tapping on “Share your location“.

Step 6

Similarly, your friend has to select same options as you did in Step 2. He needs to check “Until you turn this off” and tap on SHARE and his location will be shared with you.

Now, you and your friend both can see each other’s real time (Live) location on Google Maps. It’s now very easy to navigate to get together.

You can always stop sharing your location with your contacts by turning off “Share your location” switch. This new feature of Google Maps is very useful to everyone. Meet your buddies easily by sharing your real-time (live) location with them via Google Maps. Enjoy, have fun!

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