How to Start Watch Party on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has added a new feature named as “Watch Party” to it’s Prime Video streaming service. It was first released in US nearly six months ago. This feature has recently been released for Indian users as well. Users can now use this feature to watch movies and TV shows with friends and family members. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create watch party on Amazon Prime Video.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before we start with the tutorial, let’s check some FAQs.

1. Supported devices for Amazon’s Watch Party feature?

Unfortunately, the Watch Party feature of Amazon Prime Video is only supported on web browsers (except Safari) right now. So, you won’t be able to join on smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or Fire TV devices.

2. Can non-Prime members join a Watch Party?

No. Only users with Amazon Prime subscription can join a Watch Party. If non-Prime member click on an invite link, they will be prompted to get a subscription to join the watch party.

3. Region Restrictions on Watch Party?

You can only join a Watch Party that originates in the same country. According to Amazon, the feature requires “your subscription to be entitled in the same country as the host’s home subscription.”

4. Is Prime Video Watch Party extension available?

Yes, you can install Prime Video Party extension (Chrome Web Store, Free) and watch movies and TV shows together with friends.

5. How to start a Watch Party on Netflix?

If you are not an Amazon Prime user and looking for a similar option for other streaming platforms, you can check this tutorial on how you can watch movies with friends online. You can also host an online watch party on Twitch.

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How to Set up an Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

In this tutorial, we are going to explain both starting and ending Amazon Prime Watch Party. Let’s start with setting up a Watch Party on Amazon Prime Video:

A) Starting an Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

Step 1

Go to Amazon Prime Video’s website and log in with your prime-Video account. Select and open the movie or TV show that you want to watch with your friends. On the landing page, you will see a “Watch Party” button, click it to start a watch party.

If you are already watching a TV show, clicking the “Watch Party” button at the top right will play the next episode in watch party. If you wish to watch any specific episode in watch party, go to the Episodes List and click the “Watch Party” button under the episode you want to watch together.

Step 2

After you click the Watch Party button, Amazon Prime Video will ask you to enter your chat name. This name will be used while chatting with friends/family members. Finally, click on the “Create Watch Party” button to finish setting up the party.

Step 3

Now, copy the link by clicking on Copy link button and share it with your friends. Up to maximum of 100 users can join the watch party at once. But as mentioned in FAQ section above, all users joining the party need to have individual Prime membership.

Step 4

You can also chat with your friends/family members while watching the movies/TV shows. You can see the list of all members who joined or left the watch party. The chat experience is limited to text messages and built-in emojis.

Note: The person who starts the Amazon Prime Video Watch Party is the host. Only host can control playback like play, pause, and fast forward or rewind the content. Participants joined via the link can control audio and subtitles on their end.

B) End an Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

After you are done watching selected movies/TV shows with your friends or family members, follow these steps to end an Amazon Prime Video Watch Party:

Step 1

On the Settings tab under Invite friends section in the right side pane, you will see a button to End Watch Party.

Step 2

After you click on End Watch Party button, you will be asked for confirmation. Click on Yes to end the Watch Party. You will be taken back to the main website.

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Watch Movies/ TV Shows Together with Friends on Amazon Prime Video

After Amazon has finally introduced the Watch Party feature into their video streaming platform, you don’t need any third-party tools to host watch parties. You can natively watch movies and TV shows together with friends or family members on Amazon Prime Video. So, if you are bored, you can easily start a watch party with friends and enjoy.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section down below. Also let us know which movies/shows you liked the most.

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