How To Start Windows XP/Vista/7 In Safe Mode

Sometimes, installation of any software program may cause troubles to your Windows Operating System and prevent it from starting. You might want to uninstall that program which caused error but you can’t because you can’t even start your Windows. Or maybe you want to do some troubleshooting and you have to start your Windows in safe mode. Safe mode provides very good functionality for troubleshooting of Windows as it starts only with some essential services only. In safe mode, you can uninstall the programs that are causing troubles to your PC.

So, how to start your Windows in safe mode? This tutorial shows you how to start Windows 7 in safe mode. You can use this tutorial for Windows XP, Vista and 7.

How To Start Windows XP/Vista/7 In Safe Mode?

Just follow these steps to start your Windows in safe mode.

Step 1

First Restart your Windows and on startup before seeing the screen below, repeatedly press F8 key on keyboard. If you see the screen below, you have to try again. You may also see boot device selection screen by pressing F8 key, just press Escape and again try pressing F8.

Step 2

Once you are successful, you will see following screen. You can select the mode you want to start your Windows in. To start in safe mode, select Safe Mode and press Enter.

Windows will load essential files to start Windows in selected Safe Mode.

Step 3

Login using your User Account. Select user and type your Password.

You will be logged in, and you will see your desktop with black background and you will see Safe Mode written on the corners.

You have successfully started your Windows 7 in Safe mode. To start your Windows in normal mode again, just reboot your PC and it will start in Normal Mode. You can take help from this Video:

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