How To Take Ownership And Full Control Of Files And Folders

Have you ever faced “Access denied” error while deleting any file? Many users face this problem daily. Some files which come from other computers, or Windows.old folder that is left behind after upgrading the Windows to latest version, usually give this error when you try to delete them.

This error occurs because the you don’t have permissions to modify or delete that file or folder. You cannot modify or delete any file or folder unless you are the owner of that file or folder or you have been provided necessary permissions. So, how to solve this problem? There exist a long and tricky method of taking ownership of such files. However, we are going to explain an easy and simple method in this tutorial.

What do we need?

  • A small registry key which changes the ownership of any file or folder to current user. The download link is provided at the end of the post.

How to take Ownership of files and folders in one click?

Step 1

First open downloaded zip file, it will have two files namely, “InstallTakeOwnership.reg” and “RemoveTakeOwnership.reg“.

Double-click on IntallTakeOwnership.reg, Click Run, if prompted.

How To Take Ownership And Full Control Of Files And Folders - Security Warning

After clicking Run, press Yes, if UAC Prompt appears-

Registry editor will show you a warning about adding a key to registry, just press Yes.

Now you have successfully added this registry key.

How To Take Ownership And Full Control Of Files And Folders - Successfully added

Step 2

Now you have the power to take ownership of any file or folder. Just Right-click on that file and you will see Take Ownership option in Right-click menu.

Just click on Take Ownership and command prompt will appear for less than a second and will disappear automatically. [The time for which command prompt appears, depends on number of items inside the folder that you are taking ownership of. ]

Now that file or folder is all yours, you can modify or delete it as you wish. And it will not give you any errors.

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How to Remove Take Ownership option?

Now, if you don’t want Take Ownership option in Right-click menu, double-click on another file in the downloaded zip file i.e. RemoveTakeOwnership.reg

Same Prompts will appear again and follow the same process as you did in Step 1.

Remove Take Ownership Sure To Continue

You will see a message about successful removal of Take Ownership option.

How To Take Ownership And Full Control Of Files And Folders - Successfully removed

Now, you won’t see Take Ownership option in the Right-click menu anymore.

Take Ownership and Full Control of Files and Folders in single-click.

You can use this Take Ownership context menu option to take ownership and gain control of some inaccessible folders and files. After taking full control and ownership, you can easily modify, delete or open files or folders that are inaccessible. In case you have any problems, feel free to write in comments.

Download TakeOwnership Registry Keys

You can download InstallTakeOwnership and RemoveTakeOwnership registry keys using following download link:


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