How to Track the Location History of Another Phone Remotely

If you are a parent of a teenager or if you have some older family member that you take care of, you would want to be sure you always know they are safe, even when you are not around them. What if there was a way to track their location history? That would give you a relief as you will know where they currently are and where they have been throughout the day. Everything is possible in the technological world of today and so is keeping track of someone’s location. For this purpose, you will simply need an Android tracking software. Even lots of organizations are using such software today to know the location of their employees, particularly the ones who have to travel for business purposes.

Follow this tutorial to see how you can track the location history of another phone using Xnspy, an Android tracking software:

Step 1

First, you have to subscribe to Xnspy and install it on the phone that you want to track (the target device). For this, you will need access to the target device for once. The process is pretty simple and quick.

Step 2

Wait for 24-48 hours for Xnspy to transfer data from the phone to the Xnspy’s server and then to the Xnspy web account. This web account will give you access to the data stored in the phone.

Step 3

Log into by entering your credentials. A dashboard will appear. It is an interface from where you will be able to administer and view everything that’s stored on the target phone in one place.

Step 4

At your left-hand side, you will see a menu. From there, click on ‘Locations’.
The new screen will show you a map and all the locations visited by the target device will be pinned on that map.

Step 5

This Android tracking software will give you all the details you need. Just click on any of the pinned location on the map and it will show you the complete address of the location along with the time of visit. As you scroll down, you will see a list of locations visited by the target phone. The last location they have been to will appear on the top.

Xnspy is not like the common android apps to spy on other phones. Its work is precise. You will be shown the exact location of the target device. You can count on the information provided to you by this app.

This android tracking software also allows geofencing. So, whenever the person with the target device enters or leaves a certain location, the software will send you alerts. Parents can set geofencing to restrict their kids from going to locations that are not age-appropriate. Similarly, if during the working hours, your employee goes on a personal hang out after visiting a client, you will get an alert and you can hence give them a call immediately.

The ease of using an android tracking software is that once it is installed in the target device, you can track the phone from aremote location no matter where you are. There is no better way of keeping tabs on your kids than this. Plus, if they know you are tracking them, they will stay away from trouble.
Note that to use the location tracking feature of this android tracking software, you must make sure that the target device is connected to the internet. Even if you are not currently monitoring them, Xnspy will keep tracking their location and create a backup of the data for you to view later.

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