How To Use Offline Maps In Windows 10

Microsoft has bundled Maps application with Windows 10 just like in Windows 8/8.1. Using this Maps application you can navigate through the areas you travel or you can plan a holiday or find your way to any mall, shop and new un-visited location. But we all know using maps application requires internet. Without internet connection you can’t browse maps. While travelling, you may not have internet connection on your Phone or Tablet. What can you do in that condition? Well you can’t do much in that condition, but you can take precautions to avoid such thing to happen again by downloading the map of a particular area for offline viewing. Yes, Windows 10 provides this feature. You can “download maps in Windows 10” so that you can view it when you are not online. This feature is very helpful while travelling.

Now, let’s see how to save maps on Windows 10 for offline use.

What do we need:

  • Windows 10 PC or Tablet
  • Internet Connection for downloading Maps


Step 1

Click on Start button and in Start menu, click on Settings.

In Settings window, click on System.

Step 2

In System settings, on the left side click on Offline maps and on the right side click on Download Maps.

If you are using latest Builds of Windows 10, you will find Offline Maps in Settings > Apps.

Now, you will see the list of regions of the world. Select the region which has your desired country. For example, I have selected Asia, you may select another region.

Step 3

Next you will see the list of countries in the selected region. Click on the country name whose map you want to download.

Countries are further divided into states. You can choose a particular state for which you want to download the map or you can download the map for All regions together. Click on desired state name.

Step 4

Map downloading will start, it may take some time depending upon the size of the map for particular area.

While one map is downloading, you can still download another map. After the map download has finished, you can use it.

Step 5

Now let’s test this. First make your Windows 10 Tablet or PC offline by turning off the internet. Now, click on Start button and click on Maps to launch the maps application.

Browse that area of the world map which you have downloaded recently. You will see that you can see the map even when you are offline.

The map size may vary from a few Megabytes to Several Gigabytes depending on the area of selected region. Check your internet connection before downloading. I recommend downloading via Wi-Fi connection on Tablets or Broadband Connection on PCs.

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