How to Use Signal Messenger on PC

After privacy policy update of WhatsApp, millions of people have started using Signal Messenger. Following which, the company has added a lot of WhatsApp like features to the Signal Messenger recently. Besides other features, Signal also has a desktop app that allows you to use Signal Messenger on PC. You can download latest version of Signal Desktop app from official website.

You need to have Signal Messenger installed in your phone in order to use it on your PC. It works very similar to WhatsApp desktop application. But Signal offers additional features like Audio and Video calls on Desktop version. So, in this tutorial we are going to show you how to install and use Signal Messenger on desktop computer.

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Install Signal Messenger on Desktop Computer

For installing Signal Messenger on your computer, you need to download the setup from official website. After that you can continue with installation on your PC. Check following steps.

Step 1: Download Signal Messenger for PC

First of all, open this link on web browser in your computer. This link will take you to official Signal Messenger download page for Desktop. Click on download link to download Signal Messenger setup.

Download Signal Messenger For Windows From Official Website
Download Signal Messenger for PC

Step 2: Install Signal Messenger on PC

Run the downloaded file to install Signal Messenger Desktop version on your PC.

Install Signal On Desktop
Installing Signal on Desktop

After successful installation, Signal Desktop version will launch. You will see a QR code on the home page of Signal Messenger Desktop app. You can link this PC to Signal app on your phone by scanning the QR code.

Signal Desktop Application Homepage Qr Code
Signal Desktop app homepage QR Code

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Step 3: Scan QR Code via App on Phone

Now, open Signal app on your phone. Tap on 3-vertical dots menu and select Settings. In Settings scroll a bit down and tap on Linked devices. Here you can see all the devices linked to your Signal account.

Open Signal Messenger On Mobile And Tap On 3 Dot Menu Then Select Settings There Tap On Linked Devices
Signal Messenger > Menu > Settings > Linked Devices

Next, tap on (+) button to link a new device. Then, scan the QR code on Signal Desktop app. You will see the details of what you will be able to do with desktop app. Tap on Link device to link Signal Messenger app on your PC with your Phone.

Tap On Add Button Scan Qr Code From Desktop App And Tap On Link Device
Tap on Add Button > Scan QR Code > Link Device

Step 3: Setup Desktop App

After you click on Link device, Signal on desktop will show you option to set name for desktop app. Type a suitable name and click on Finish linking phone.

After Scanning Type The Name For Your Signal Desktop App And Click Finish Linking Phone
Type the name for Signal Desktop app and click Finish Linking Phone

Now, Signal Messenger on your PC will sync your contacts and groups from Mobile app.

Signal Will Sync Your Contacts And Chats With Desktop App
Signal will Sync Your Contacts

Step 4: Use Signal Messenger on your Computer

After loading all your contacts and groups, Signal Messenger desktop app will open. You can now start chatting with your friends and family.

Use Signal Messenger On Desktop Computer And Chat With Friends
Chat with Friends via Signal on PC

Select any contact to chat with. Here, you will notice that you can use Audio and Video calls on Desktop app. You will see a notice saying that chat history is not transferred to new liked devices.

Audio And Video Call Feature Available On Signal Messenger On Desktop
Audio and Video Call features available on Signal Desktop App

NOTE: Signal Desktop version will not display previous chats citing security reasons.

Install and Use Signal Messenger on Computer

Installing and using Signal Messenger on your desktop computer is very simple and straightforward. Signal Messenger Desktop version doesn’t retrieve previous messages from phone like WhatsApp does. But Signal Messenger on Desktop has additional feature like Audio and Video calls which WhatsApp desktop app doesn’t have.

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