How To Use System Restore In Windows 10

System Restore is very powerful tool in Windows, using which you can restore your system from a bad state to previous good working state. In previous versions of Windows i.e. XP, 7, 8 and 8.1, it was easily accessible but in Windows 10 you won’t find System Restore easily. System Restore in Windows 10 is disabled by default, you have to enable it first. Check this article to enable System Restore in Windows 10

Even if you search “system restore” in start menu, you won’t find any results but on the web. This tutorial shows you “how to perform System Restore in Windows 10.”

How to perform System Restore in Windows 10?

Step 1

First Right-click on “This PC” icon on desktop and choose “Properties“.

Step 2

System Properties will open. On the left pane you will see an option “System Protection“, click on it.

Step 3

System protection window will open. If you see “System Restore…” button disabled, you have to enable System Restore before you use it. After enabling System Restore, you can continue to use it. In System Restore section click on “System Restore…” button to restore your Windows 10 PC to previous working state.

This will open System Restore

Step 4

Now you will see list of available Restore Points. You must have at least one Restore point to restore your Windows 10 system to previous working state. You can click here to know how to create Restore Point manually. Select a restore point from the list of available Restore Points and click Next.

Step 5

Confirm your system restore operation by clicking on Finish.

You will see a message about System Restore cannot be interrupted, just click Yes.

Step 6

System Restore will start.

Windows will get the required files ready and then System Restore will initialize.

Step 7

System will restart and if the Restore operation was successful, you will see a success message. Close the message. Your system has been restored successfully!

Don’t have any Restore PointsClick here to know, how to create Restore point manually? If you don’t have Windows 10, you can download it from following link. Download Windows 10 ISO any Version.

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Enjoy, System Restore in Windows 10! Write in comments your queries and problems.

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