How to Transfer Music from iPhone to HomePod without AirPlay

Sharing media like photos, music and videos between iPhone and AirPlay devices like HomePod is quite simple using the AirPlay feature. You can simply tap on playback controls, then tap on the AirPlay icon and select the device to which you want to send and done. This method is quite simple, however, there is another even simpler way to transfer music from iPhone to HomePod without using AirPlay. This feature is available in iOS13, so, if you have not upgraded yet, upgrade your iOS now to enjoy this feature.

The latest version of iOS i.e. iOS13 comes with a new feature called Transfer to HomePod that allows you to transfer music without AirPlay. This feature requires minimum setup. However, you need to access your HomePod physically. But if you have kept your smart speaker near your bed, table or desk, then you wouldn’t have any issue while performing the transfer.

Eable Transfer to HomePod Feature

Let’s start with basics. You device needs to be perfectly set up for the seamless music transfer. Follow these steps.

Step 1

First of all, open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on General.

Step 2

In General settings, tap on AirPlay & Handoff.

Step 3

In AirPlay & Handoff settings, turn on the toggles for Transfer to HomePod and Handoff if not turned on already.

Note: As you can see in the screenshot above, there is another feature called Automatically AirPlay to TVs. If you don’t want your iOS device to automatically connect to AirPlay TVs, here is how you can disable it.

Step 4

After you have done basic settings, transferring music from your iPhone to HomePod will be quite fast and easy. Just, make sure that your iPhone and the smart speaker are connected and the music is playing on your iPhone. Now, simply bring your iPhone close to the top of the smart speaker. Boom! The music will instantly be transferred to the smart speaker. Enjoy the beats.

Transfer Music from iPhone to HomePod with Ease

If you love to stream music on HomePod, then this feature is for you. The only thing that we didn’t like is that it requires your HomePod to be physically approachable so that you can bring your iPhone close to it. However, if your smart speaker is placed near your bed or comfortably accessible, you would find this feature really useful. It looks like to be a great combination of AirPlay and Handoff features together and still a great example of the seamless experience from Apple. Hope you liked this tutorial. Feel free to drop your suggestions and queries in the comment section down below.

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