How to Use Siri with Spotify on iPhone and iPad

As a person who is deep into the Apple environment, I’ve found it absolutely tough to look beyond Apple Music for a seamless music streaming experience throughout iDevices consisting of iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, HomePod, and more. However that doesn’t imply my allegiance to Spotify has dipped. So, at the same time as I didn’t get swayed by means of the series of sensational allegations that Spotify made against the iPhone maker, I did discover plenty of many merits in those accusations, which includes the one claiming that Apple deliberately blocks Siri from being implemented by using rival track apps to stifle the competition. As an iOS user, I usually wanted to use Siri with Spotify on the iPhone and iPad for an more desirable music-streaming experience. Therefore, I’m thrilled to see it sooner or later turning into a reality. Not tested it yet? Let’s dive into it right away!

Stream Spotify Music Using Siri on the iPhone and iPad

Since it is a new feature, you are dealing with, it will be better to clear out all the doubts first.

So, How Do You Get Started?

Streaming Spotify music with Siri on iOS has turn out to be quite trustworthy as Apple has finally allowed third-party music apps to integrate with the virtual assistant. Without stepping into the debate about whether or not the tech giant did it because of the heat that the huge allegations created, I would say that the company should have allowed the virtual assistant to work with third-party music apps a whole lot earlier.

By keeping Siri far from the reach of third-party music apps, Apple sort of averted the development of the virtual assistant and also forced iOS customers to choose Apple music in the event that they desired to play music using voice instructions. From a business angle, it turned into a clever ploy. But was it a great approach from the perspective of user-experience (forget about the competition)? No, I don’t assume so. Definitely not from the high podium that Apple usually speaks!

The integration with third-party music apps not only enhances user-experience but also makes the personal assistant more useful. As for the system, it’s as trustworthy as it can ever get. Thanks to a simple toggle that may be toggled on/off from the Settings app.

Is there any trouble using it?

Yeah, a tiny bit. For starters, your device must be running iOS 13 with the latest version of Spotify. And second, you must end each of your commands with “On/from Spotify” so that Siri can understand which service to access. If you don’t add Spotify at the end of the command, it will default to playing Apple Music. Yeah, you’ve guessed it! There is still a hook; even though it’s a tiny one.

What If Your Device is Not Running iOS 13?

Though you can’t have a full-fledged streaming experience, there is a hack to use Siri to play Spotify music on iOS. So, if you are running the older version of iOS like iOS 12, you can use Siri Shortcuts to play song using voice. We have explained those steps in the next section. Now that all the clouds have been cleared off, it’s time to get on with the steps!

Set Up Siri to Play Spotify Music on iOS

Step 1

Launch Settings on your iOS or iPadOS device.

Open Settings app on your iPhone

Step 2

Scroll down and choose Spotify. 

Tap on Spotify

Step 3

On the next screen, select Siri & Suggestions.

Tap on Siri and Search

Step 4

Now, toggle on the switch called “Use with Ask Siri”. Then, quit the Settings app.

Use With Ask Siri

Note: You can also use Siri with other music apps like Pandora provided they have added the support for Apple’s virtual assistant. To check it out, open Settings app > Music app > Use with Ask Siri. 

Playing Spotify Music Using Siri

As I said above, you must add “On/from Spotify” to the end of each command to play Spotify music using Siri. For instance, you can say something like, “Hey Siri, play my workout playlist on Spotify.” “Hey Siri, play Justin Bieber songs on Spotify.”

Playing Spotify music with Siri

Do note that you can also use Siri to play podcasts on Spotify, ask what’s currently playing, and even control media settings i.e increase/decrease volume, skip track, and play/pause music.

How to Use Siri Shortcut to Play Spotify Music

There is a Siri shortcut called “Spotify Siri” that can let you play Spotify music on your iOS device. So, if your device is not compatible with iOS 13, try it out. Make sure you have installed the Shortcuts app (free, requires iOS 12 or later) on your device. Then, tap on this link to add Spotify Siri shortcut to your library.

Shortcut Spotify Siri

After that, open the Shortcuts app and go to your library. Then, launch the Spotify Siri shortcut and tap on the three dots. Now, tap on the settings button at the top right and tap on Add to Siri to record your phrase. From now on, you can activate Siri and speak the shortcut phrase. Then, the virtual assistant will open the Shortcut showing a box with dictation text. Speak the song that you want to play and you are ready to go.

Stream Spotify Music Using Siri on iOS

So, that’s the way you can play Spotify music using Apple’s virtual assistant on your iOS device. From a user’s perspective, I think it’s a great move. And I’m sure a lot of music lovers are going to benefit from it. What do think of it? Feel free to share your thoughts. Also check out other new Siri features like the option to opt-out of Siri audio recording and deleting the dictation history that has been introduced in iOS 13.

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