iBoysoft File Protector V 2.0 Review

Data security is an important aspect of our digital life. Almost everyone has private, sensitive, confidential and important files and folders that don’t want to share with other people. However, most of us are using a shared computer with a single account, which makes a limited access to the confidential data difficult.

Besides, your private files can be stolen by hackers when you look through a site page, download a tool, plug in an external drive, or even connect to network. In this case, protecting important data has become a requirement for the average users. Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t offer any reliable ways to add password protection to your files/folders. Don’t worry though, we can seek for the help from password protection software.

There are numerous folder lock tools in the market, which one should you choose? iBoysoft File Protector is one of the best password protection software that we have ever tested. It provides a simple and secure way to prevent others from accessing, altering or deleting private files/folders without permission on Windows.

Key Features of iBoysoft File Protector

Allow Specific Application to Access Files under Protection

One highlight of iBoysoft File Protector is that it allows specific application to access files under protection. For necessary applications, the protected files can be accessed as ordinary files without bothering to remove protection.

Three Protection Methods

iBoysoft File Protector encrypts files and folders in three methods: Deny delete access, Deny read access and Deny write access. According your actual needs, you can choose one of them.

Protect Files/Folders with One Password

iBoysoft File Protector protects your files files/folders/drives with one password. Install and launch the program, you will be asked to set a master password of six characters. Once locking down a file or folder, you can make sure that you are the only person to read from, write to or delete the files or folders.

Protect Files/Folders from Virus and Ransomware

iBoysoft File Protector has powerful encryption intensity, which not only prevents unauthorized access to sensitive files but also protect files/folders from leaks, virus, ransomware or malicious attack. Even when the system get infected, your protected files/folders will still keep safe.

Easy to Use

The installation process is simple and fast. Then we can see the interface of iBoysoft File Protector is well-organized, with an easy to navigate menu running down on the left-hand side. To protect a file/folder, we are able to drag it in the Window.

Supported OS

Windows 7/8/10 and Windows Server 2008 R2/2012/2016, including both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Supported Storage Devices

Hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, SD card, CF card, memory card, SanDisk card, memory stick, etc.

Get License Key for iBosoft File Protector

iBoysoft File Protector 1-year license is available for $29.95. You can get iBoysoft File Protector license key from iBoysoft license page. You can choose from any of the available plan.

How to activate iBoysoft File Protector?

Step 1: Connect your computer to Internet.

Step 2: Click Activate button at the left bottom.

Step 3: Enter iBoysoft File Protector license key. (We suggest every customer copy and paste the license key from order confirmation email.)

Step 4: Click OK. Now you have licensed version of iBoysoft File Protector valid for 1 year.

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Protect your Important Files using iBoysoft’s Windows File Protector

Finally, while launching iBoysoft File Protector at the first time, you need to enter default password: 123456. After that, change the password on Settings window to prevent others from unauthorized access.

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  1. In this advancing era, in which almost everyone is a pro in computer technology…….the risk of malicious viruses and serious attacks on your computer rises. One must have the best ever antivirus solution if he want a secure operation.

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