How to Install Android Apps & Games in BlueStacks 4

With the release of BlueStacks 4, look and feel of BlueStacks has changed. You find it easier to access the applications. Operation has also become easier with improved keymapping. But since things have changed, it might be difficult for some people to find how to install new apps and games. Specially when someone is trying to install apps and games using APK files available locally on the computer.

After you have installed BlueStacks 4, you can now proceed to install Android apps and games from the Play Store just like you install on your Android phone. The same process has been explained here for your help. Go through following steps.

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How to install Apps and Games from Play Store?

For installing apps and games from Play Store on BlueStacks 4, you need to sign in using your Google account. It is the same process which you follow on your android phone while opening Play Store for the first time.

Step 1

Open BlueStacks 4 and then click on Play Store icon. If you are using Play Store in BlueStacks for the first time, you may need to enter your Google account details and login with it to install apps from the Google Play Store.

Step 2

Play Store opens just like on your Android phone. Using the Play Store app you can download any Android app or game. You can search for your favorite app using the search box at the top. But if you want, you can also browse apps and games by clicking on either Top ChartsCategories etc. In this tutorial, we are going to install the classic Pac-Man game.

Step 3

After downloading and installing Pac-Man game, click on Open from the Play Store UI to run the game. Or you can just go to Home tab and click on the Pac-man shortcut there.

Your app will boot up as normal and you can use it through keyboard and mouse mappings. If you wish to change the key mappings, click on the keyboard icon given on the bottom right to set desired keys for game play.

How to Install Apps and Games using APK Files?

This is one of the great functionalities that comes with BlueStacks 4, the ability to install APK files from your PC. You can download APK files manually from websites. This feature comes in handy when you want to test an app that isn’t available on the Play Store. Follow these steps in order to install locally available APK file in BlueStacks:

Step 1

Start BlueStacks 4 and click on the three vertical dots right next to Installed Apps in top-left corner and from there select, Install APK.

Step 2

After you click on Install APK, a new browse window will open from which you can navigate to your desired APK. Select your APK from the explorer and click Open. Select APK will be installed and app icon with a progress loop on it will be shown on home screen. This will show installation status. In this tutorial, we are installing the MEGA app through APK.

Step 3

After installing successfully, you will see the icon of app listed in your Home tab. You can click on it to test, it will run as normal.

That was the process for installing apps and games on BlueStacks 4 using Google Play Store or APK files stored locally on your PC. You can experiment with different APKs and see which one works for you. Feel free to comment if you find any problems following the steps. Enjoy, have fun!

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