How To Link Your Phone To Windows 10 And Use ‘Continue on PC’

With Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft allowed users to connect their Android and iOS devices to Windows 10. Connecting phones to Windows 10 allows the users to use Continue on PC feature of Windows 10. Continue on PC feature allows users to push webpages from their phone’s to their Windows 10 PC without connecting the phones to PCs via USB Cable.

This tutorial shows, “how to connect or link your Android or iPhone to Windows 10 and use Continue on PC feature“. All you need is Windows 10 PC with Fall Creators Update installed on it and a Phone (Android or iPhone).

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How to link your phone to Windows 10?

Step 1

First of all, open Settings in Windows 10 and click on Phone.

You must be signed in to your Microsoft account on your Windows 10 to link your phone to your PC. If you are not signed in with Microsoft account, Add a phone option will be disabled. Click on Sign in with Microsoft button to continue signing in with your Microsoft account.

Click on Add an account to start adding Microsoft account to your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2

Next, you will have options to select the type of account that you are logging in with. We are going to sign in with Microsoft account, so, we will choose account type. Click on it.

Now it’s time to sign in to your Microsoft account. Enter your email ID that you use as your Microsoft account login ID and click Next.

On the next screen, enter your Microsoft account password and click on Sign in.

In earlier versions of Windows 10, if you sign in with Microsoft account, a whole new profile was created. But with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, you can just sign in with Microsoft account into a single app. Similarly, click on Just sign in to this app to continue. Your sign in will be limited to this settings only.

After successful setup, you will see a success message saying “All done!“. Click on Done to continue.

Step 3

After successful sign in with Microsoft account, you can now proceed to add your phone to Windows 10 PC. Click on Add a phone to add your Android or iPhone to your Windows 10 PC.

Next, you will be prompted to select your country code and enter your phone number. Provide these details and click on Send. Microsoft will send a message to your phone with a link to download app on your Phone.

If you are using iOS device, the message will contain link to download Microsoft Edge and if your are using Android phone, message will contain link to download Microsoft Launcher.

Step 4

Open the message that you received on your phone, tap on the link. The link will redirect you to Apple store to download Edge Browser on iOS devices and Play Store to download Microsoft Launcher on Android devices.

In this tutorial we have used Android phone. After clicking the link in message, tap on INSTALL to install Microsoft Launcher in your phone. After successful installation, tap on OPEN to continue.

Microsoft Launcher will start. Tap on Get started on first screen. On the next screen select accent color and tap on Next.

After that permissions will follow. Allow all the permissions to Microsoft Launcher for smooth functioning. You may restrain some permissions if you want.

Microsoft Launcher also allows to import homescreen layout from other launchers. If you want to import your existing Homescreen layout, tap on Use my old homescreen layout. Next, select the launcher from which you want to import homescreen layout and tap on Import.

Step 5

It’s time to sign in to Microsoft Launcher using same Microsoft account that you used to sign-in in your Windows 10 PC. Enter your Microsoft account email ID and tap Next. Enter your password and tap on Sign in.

After successful sign in, tap on Let’s go to finish settings wizard. Also set Microsoft Launcher as your default launcher. Select Microsoft Launcher and tap on Always.

Your phone is now setup and linked with your Windows 10 PC. Go to your Windows 10 PC, open Settings > Phone and your phone will show up here.

How to use Continue on PC?

Step 6

Now, let’s test Continue on PC feature on our linked phone. You may note that Continue on PC feature is not limited to Cortana or Edge, you can also use it on Chrome in your phone.

First, open Chrome app, go to your desired webpage. Now tap on 3 vertical dots (Options) and tap on Share…

In sharing options, you can see Continue on PC option there, tap on it. Next, you will select the Windows 10 PC on which you wish to continue. Just tap on it.

Within seconds, the webpage you were browsing on phone will be opened in your Windows 10 PC in Edge browser.

However, your PC and phone both need to be connected to internet to use this feature, otherwise you may see an error message.

How to unlink your phone?

Step 7

You can always unlink you phone from your Windows 10 PC. Go to Settings > Phone and click on Manage all devices linked with your Microsoft Account. It will open Device management page on web browser where you can see all the devices connected to your Microsoft Account. Click on Unlink this phone to unlink your phone from Microsoft Account.

We didn’t find any harm in linking your phone to your Windows 10 PC. However there are several advantages of connecting your phone with your Windows 10 PC. Besides sending webpages from your phone to PC using ‘Continue on PC‘, you can also receive notification from Android apps on phone in Windows 10 Action center. Enjoy, have fun!

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