Amazing Ways to Make the Best Video Shoots with Your Smartphone Cam

It’s no more difficult to take photographs from the smartphone cameras now. Even several professional photographers and videographers do take the clicks from the smartphones and it has several advantages too.

As mobile phones can also be used as hidden camera that are with a person almost all the time. The quick pictures can be clicked out quickly by any unexpected opportunity boons. Several apps are also there in the phones for both the iOS and android mobiles that will help to increase the functionality of the cameras.

These apps also help to add up editing and digital effects in the pictures. And they are the best suitable and affordable form of camera. So, it’s good to keep a perfect smartphone with an extraordinary camera because with the poor camera the picture and video product will also be the poor one. Likewise, one smartphone with a good camera can be best utilized with good photography techniques.

Here are the tips for making best videos using smartphones cameras. 

Good lighting is required for the good shots

It’s good to shoot videos at the places which are more lightened up because the smartphones have small image sensors and lenses. Best is to avoid the unnecessary shadows. But it’s also should be in consideration to avoid the camera towards the light directly because it can cause the overexposed footage.

The light effects should be stable, because the cameras I the smartphones do not react to the light changes while shootings. If there is still much light while working then shoot the video with the backlighting effects. Settle the settings on the “touch focused” and automatically control the exposures which will be far easy to make the video with such adjustments.

Stand still while taking video

To avoid the blurred video, the best way is to stand steady while capturing the video. Try to use both hands while taking the video to hold the smartphone. No doubt it’s difficult and fatiguing to hold the camera for long but the tripods, stabilizers, can also be used to have the perfect video.

The clear audio is also important as the clear video

If you have captured the very good video but added the junk audio that would never be appealing. If you want the video to be more appealing and good in quality one should add the perfect audio notes to it because the quality of the audio is equally important or even more as the video.

Mostly the microphones in most of the cameras are not of good quality and they used to catch the unnecessary voices and noise more in them which will harshly effect to capture the perfect voice. So, it’s worthwhile to shoot in quiet places especially indoors with the less possible noises in the ambiance. It’s good to use the external microphone and a directional one preferably to have good quality external voices and good quality video.

If it’s not possible for you to have an external microphone then try to stay close to the source to avoid unnecessary voices to have a good quality product.

Good to stay close to the subject

To have a better-quality image in the video try to stay close to the object you are focusing on which will result in less noise and better image excellence. Prefer the digital zoom either the optical one.

Use Applications that can improve the picture quality in Videos

The applications supporting cameras can perform even better in smartphones. The features offered in them and the picture focus can add up to the video contents well. If some of the apps ask for the little number of payments, that little amount can add up greatly and returns back the huge dividends likewise by investing very little. 

Vertical shooting could be the bad shooting

Don’t shoot vertical videos. Some videographers used to do this mistake of shooting by using the smartphone vertically this misses the sideways of both up and down while footage. Hold the smartphone horizontally to have a fine video.

Prepare yourself for the shooting first

At the time of initiating the video keep all the props, gears and other necessary items beforehand with you before going to the location point. Check the phone storage and make sure that your phone has enough storage to capture and save the video because the HD files always used to take more memory because of large sizes and they drain the battery likewise. So charge your phone and keep the power bank with you before leaving for the shoot location.

Shoot Amazing Videos using your Smartphone Camera

Making good quality videos with good and creative capturing skills is always fun doing work as well as profit-oriented business to do if you are well skilled in it. Lead this art by following these tips to work at your best by producing the best quality captures and by practicing this will lead you to the fewer number of errors in the work with good quality of output.

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