How to Merge iCloud Calendars on Mac

Most people like to keep their personal and professional lives far away from each other. Calendar is one of the common thing which is a touching point in both lives. Calendar is very helpful in both personal and professional lives of people. Many calendar apps like Apple Calendar app for macOS allow users to create multiple calendars to manage personal and professional life separately.

Based on your requirement, you can make separate calendars to deal with specific events without any complexity. At any time if you find any of your calendars not-required, you can easily delete it or merge it with another calendar. In this tutorial, we are going to show you three quick ways to merge iCloud calendars on Mac.

How to Merge iCloud Calendars on Mac

So, what happens when you merge a calendar with another? All the events of the calendar you are merging are transferred to the second one. macOS then deletes the calendar that you merged with another one. Keep in mind this important thing before moving ahead. What about compatibility? You need not worry about it, you can get it done even on older macOS versions and doesn’t require the latest macOS Catalina. Now that you know all the basic rules, let’s get started! 

1. Use Drag and Drop Gesture

Step 1

Let’s get started, launch the Calendar app on your Mac.

Apple Calendar app for macOS

Step 2

Now ensure that the Calendar List is visible in the sidebar. If it’s hidden, click on the Calendars button in the toolbar to show it.

Click on Calendar button

Step 3

Under the iCloud section, find the calendars you want to merge. For instance, if you want to merge your Home calendar with Work, drag the Home calendar and drop it on the Work calendar.

iCloud calendars

Next, a pop-up will appear saying, “Are you sure you want to merge the “X” calendar with the “Y” calendar?” Doing so will move all the events from “X”  to “Y” calendar and “X” will be deleted. This can’t be undone.” Finally, hit Merge to confirm.

Click on Merge

2. Use the Simple Right or Control-Click Trick

Another quick way to merge iCloud calendars on macOS is to use the right-click trick. Just right-click or Control-click on the calendar you wish to delete and choose Merge on the menu. Now, select the calendar where you want to move all the events.

Right Click

3. Use the Edit Menu

You can also use the menus at the top to merge calendars with ease on macOS. Simply, select the calendar you want to delete in the sidebar and then click on Edit at the top. Now, click on Merge Calendar and then choose the calendar where you want move all the events.

Use the Edit Menu

Merge iCloud Calendars with Ease on Mac

That’s it, your iCloud calendars have been merged successfully. This tutorial explained how you can manage calendars in Apple Calendar app and remove the unnecessary ones. The built-in calendar app may not have as many features like some of the third-party calendar apps like Fantastical (free, in-app purchases) and BusyCal ($49.99). But built-in calendar has got all the basic tools to make it easy to manage events. Hope you liked the tutorial. Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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