Microsoft Edge Burns Past Firefox, Now World’s Second Most Popular Browser

Less than three months after leaving beta, Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser has overtaken Firefox to become the second most popular web browser in the world, as reported by Bleeping Computer.

As of March 2020, Microsoft Edge holds 7.59% of the browser market according to NetMarketShare – a far cry from Google Chrome, which is far and away the most popular at 68.5%.

This finally puts Microsoft Edge ahead of Mozilla’s Firefox – previously Chrome’s biggest competitor but now in third place with just 7.19% of the browser audience.

Of course, Microsoft Edge’s numbers would likely be even higher if not for the 5.6% of users who are still using Internet Explorer 11, putting the ancient browser in fourth position ahead of Apple’s Safari browser, which holds just 3.62% of the market share.

As for why people have started to flock to the new and improved Microsoft Edge, there are a number of reasons: firstly, it’s gotten a lot faster as of late, it will stop you downloading adware and cryptominers, and it will now finally let you ditch Bing for Google.

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