Microsoft Released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17128 for Fast Ring

Microsoft has released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17128 (RS4) to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring on March 23, 2018. Microsoft is in final phase to release final version of this build and has not made any major changes or released any new features in this new build. The only visible difference between 17127 build and this build is that watermark at the bottom right corner has disappeared. But there may be some fixes in next build.

Microsoft has also released Build 17127 to Windows Insiders in the Slow ring. Microsoft is planning to provide the ISO for this build early next week. We are already feeling excited for it.

Cortana Show Me App

For the people who are unfamiliar or less familiar with Windows 10, it will not be easy to find a setting. Considering this Microsoft has introduced Cortana Show Me app to help people with changing settings in Windows 10. Install the app from Microsoft Store and you can ask Cortana about the setting you want to change. Currently Cortana Show Me app is available in English (UK and US) and German language only. However Cortana Show Me currently supports only 15 settings. You can expect more settings to be added in future.

Note: If you’re using keyboard navigation with your device, you will have to use Alt + Tab key combination to move between Settings and Cortana Show Me app.

Here is list of all 15 settings you can change using Cortana Show Me app:

  1. Add nearby printers or scanners
  2. Change Wi-Fi settings
  3. Change your default programs
  4. Change your desktop background
  5. Change your display brightness
  6. Change your power settings
  7. Change your screen resolution
  8. Check if an app is installed
  9. Check your version of Windows
  10. Discover Bluetooth devices
  11. Run a security scan
  12. Turn off Windows Defender Security Center
  13. Uninstall an app
  14. Update Windows
  15. Use Airplane Mode

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