New Features in BlueStacks 3N Running Android N (7.1.2)

BlueStacks 3 or BlueStacks 3N is a brand new Android emulator by BlueStacks Systems Inc. and it is also the only gaming platform designed and built specially for gamers. BlueStacks is the first and only android gaming platform (Android Emulator) in the world running Android N (7.1.2). Running Android Nougat 7.1.2 allows you to play the latest and most advanced mobile games with the full power of your computer and the flexibility of your keyboard and mouse or gamepad. Here is the list of features on BlueStacks 3 Android Emulator.

1. The Best Gaming Experience

According to BlueStacks website –

Every Pixel On BlueStacks 3 Is Specially Designed To Give You The Best Gaming Experience.

After several years of development BlueStacks 3 is finally out for users. You can play Android games using your mouse and keyboard in BlueStacks 3 to make your gameplay easier and convenient. Also you can play any Android app in high definition on your desktop monitor instead of small mobile screen. This is not the only best thing in BlueStacks 3, more to come.

2. Huge App Center

In BlueStacks 3’s App Center you can find latest and most popular android games easily. One of the best features of App Center is that when you click on any game, you can easily find it’s reviews, images, summaries and lots of other information about that game. On the basis of your gaming habits, App Center also recommends games that you may like.

3. Gift Center

With BlueStacks’ partnership with top game and app developers, you can get best in-game gifts and promotions you can’t find anywhere else. In the gift center in BlueStacks 3 or BlueStacks 3N, you can find special skins, characters, gold, gems, and many more gifts across hundreds of games. It’s awesome! Keep playing.

4. BlueStacks Select

BlueStacks Select is a Developer-focused program by BlueStacks System Inc. With more developers like FunPlus or IGG joining BlueStacks Select Program, gamers can get exclusive gifts, content, and other items directly from these game developers. For example, in King of Avalon, you could get gold, treasure and exclusive resources you wouldn’t be able to get from just playing on your phone. See, playing android games on BlueStacks 3 is way more fun and rewarding.

5. BlueStacks Friends

To enhance your gaming experience, BlueStacks System Inc. has introduced built-in chat application in BlueStacks 3. Using BlueStacks 3’s chat app you can interact with other games like never before. You can use BlueStacks 3’s “Friends” chat to discuss and plan your strategies and progress faster in your games. You can easily connect to your friends from your Google contacts list. Steam and Facebook friends are coming soon.

6. A World-Class Gaming Platform

Compared to other Android Emulators, BlueStacks 3 or BlueStacks 3N has the best gameplay performance and features. BlueStacks 3 is built on the state of the art BlueStacks Gaming Platform which uses patented Hyper-G graphics APIs which allows you to play at maximum resolution and refresh rates (including 144hz)  – something no other Android emulator can even come close. So, you don’t need to worry about how heavy your game is. Just play in BlueStacks 3 with best performance.

7. Multi-Instance Function

You know, on your phone or other Android Emulators, you can only use one android app at a time and you can use only one Google Play account. BlueStacks 3 has introduced a feature called Multi-Instance that lets you open multiple games and apps at the same time. That means you can play multiple accounts in Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and tons more games at the same time. You can level multiple accounts simultaneously or play many games at the same time on the same Google Play account. You can even run two WhatsApp accounts in BlueStacks 3 using two different Google Play accounts just like you do in your phone using Parallel Space App.

8. State-of-the-Art Engine With Adaptive Environment Sync

BlueStacks 3’s gaming engine automatically adjusts to your computer’s unique specifications You’ll get the best performance settings by default and you can adjust these settings at any time. The result? Your games run smooth and fast. No other Android Emulator can do this. So, no matter how high or low your PC’s configuration is, BlueStacks 3 runs at optimum performance level automatically.

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9. Automated Settings

BlueStacks 3 adjusts the resolution and size of your games to best fit your computer automatically. So, you don’t need to tweak all the little settings and focus on playing your favorite game. BlueStacks 3 also remember your settings for particular game or app, so you don’t need to adjust this every time you restart game or BlueStacks 3.

Download BlueStacks 3 or BlueStacks 3N

You can download BlueStacks 3 or BlueStacks 3N from official website of BlueStacks Systems Inc. Click the link shown below to go to official website of BlueStacks and download latest version of Best Android Emulator.

Download BlueStacks 3

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