How to Password Protect your MS Office Documents

MS Office is used world wide to create various types of documents e. g. MS Word for word documents, and MS Excel for tabular form of document, mostly used in offices. Sometimes these documents may contain some classified information which should not be available for everyone. You may want to put some kind of protection to avoid unauthorized access to your Microsoft files. So, how can you protect MS Office files against unauthorized access?

One of the most effective method to avoid this security risk is to password protect your files. Most of the people go for third party softwares to password protect their files, but Microsoft itself provides Encryption function in MS Office. Using this Encryption, you can encrypt and protect your documents against unauthorized access. This tutorial shows, “how to password protect Microsoft Office documents”. We won’t be using any third party software. We are using MS Office Word 2007 in this tutorial.

How to encrypt and password protect MS Office Documents i.e. Word, Excel etc.?

Step 1

First of all, open MS Word or MS Excel, depending upon your requirement. In this example we are taking example of MS Word document. Go to Start, type “word” and click on Microsoft Office Word from the search results to open MS Word.

Step 2

Now create your document, type whatever you want to type.

Step 3

Now click on MS Office Button in the top left corner of the screen and select Prepare > Encrypt Document.

Step 4

Now you will see a small pop-up window asking for the password. Just enter the password that you want to set for that document and click OK.

You will see another pop-up window asking to confirm your password, re-enter the same password again and press OK.

Step 5

Save your document by pressing Ctrl + S.

Step 6

Time to check the document. Close and reopen the document that you created. Now you will see a password prompt every time you or someone else try to open this document. Enter the password to access the document.

Encrypt MS office documents using password

Above tutorial explained, how to set password protection on Microsoft Office documents. We have used example of MS word document but it will work for other formats also. Enjoy your document with enhanced security. With this encryption enabled in MS Office documents, no one is going to access them without the password. Hope you liked the post. Feel free to write in comments if you have any queries or suggestions.

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