Photoshop: Add Gold/Silver Effects In One Click | Download Free Set Of Silver And Gold Styles

Here is set of Gold and Silver textures by SparkleStock. Using these Photoshop styles you can add gold/silver/rose-gold textures to the layers in single click. You can make fancy looking text using them without doing much.

Few Examples:

Here are few examples, take a look at them-





How To Install And Use

After downloading, you will get a ZIP file, extract that ZIP file. After extracting, double-click on the ASL file and it will be installed in Photoshop and you can see them in your Styles pane (Window > Styles).

Now, you can create any text or shape layer, then click on a style. You will see the effect instantly. For better results, doubleclick on the styles in the Layers panel. Start by adjusting the pattern size. The patterns are 300 DPI which means that if your document is also 300 DPI, then you can set the pattern size to 100%. If you’re working on a lower-res image, such as 72 DPI, set the pattern size to 25%. You can also adjust the lighting. You can change the gradient style. You can also drag the gradient around in your document window. Watch the video for more help.



Download Free Style

You can download free styles set here-

Download Free Version

Download Pro Version

You can download the paid pro version here-

Buy Pro Version

Download Pro Version for Free

You can get the pro version for free by signing up for SparkleStock paid membership. Click below to signup for SparkleStock-

Signup for SparkleStock

Enjoy, free presets!

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