How To Play High Quality Games On Low Configuration PC

Almost everyone likes computer games. Specially when you are locked down in your home and have nothing much to do, you can play computer games to kill some time. Also the games are good exercise for our minds. With time, computer games have evolved a lot. Almost all kind of games these days run in high definition and most of them require a high configuration PC. But when you don’t have a good configuration PC, High Quality games won’t run properly and spoil the excitement.

A low end PC (less amount of RAM, poor or No Graphics Card etc.) is not capable of running high end games. But that is not enough reason for losing hope. In this tutorial we are going to explain, how you can play High End (High Quality) games on Low End (Low Configuration) PC. We will be using 3D Analyzer utility for scaling down high end games to be able to run them on low configuration PC. Before we go any further, let’s know about 3D Analyzer.

What is 3D Analyzer?

3D Analyzer is a PC Software which enables us to play high end games on low end PC.

How Does 3D Analyzer Work?

3D Analyzer does transform and lightning hardware emulation and helps in running TnL games on PCs which do not have dedicated graphics card. It can emulate most of the features of 3D games such as pixelshader, bump maps, SW TnL etc. But a normal user may not understand these technical terms so in easy language it helps to “play high end games on low end PCs“.

How to use 3D Analyzer to Play high end games on low end PC ?

Step 1

First of all download the 3D Analyzer ZIP file. Download link is provided at the end of the post. Extract the Zip file to any folder. After extracting, you will find a file named 3danalyzer-v236.exe, double click on that. The file will ask for installation, choose the directory where you want to install 3D Analyzer and click on Install.

Step 2

Now go to the directory where you installed 3D Analyzer and there you will see many file such as: 3DAnalyze.exe, ForceDLL.dll, beta.txt, hook_3DA.dll etc. Double click on the file named “3DAnalyze.exe” to run it (do not touch any other file).

Step 3

Now you will see the window as shown below:

Click on Select and then browse to the .exe (executable file of the game). For eg. we have installed MaxPayne2 then the exe file of the game would be in the directory where I installed the game with the name MaxPayne2.exe . (Do not select the shortcut which are on desktop or anywhere else on the PC).

Step 4

After you have selected the .exe file of the game, all the options of 3d Analyzer would now be enabled.

Now select the graphic card using which you want to emulate the game. To select Graphic Card : see that names of some graphic cards are given. Vendor ID and Device ID is also given below their names. Copy /Write the Vendor ID and the Device ID of the Graphic Card which you want to emulate in the two boxes provided.

Step 5

Now put a tick on the options which you want to enable and leave the rest of them. After doing this click on RUN.

Your game will start running without any problem.

How to Play High Graphic Games on Low Graphic PC without Lag

Installation and configuration of 3D Analyzer is quite simple. And using 3D Analyzer, you can easily play High Quality games on low configuration PC. You can also configure 3D Analyzer to run full screen games in normal window. However, we have not seen any further development to this utility and it doesn’t support games which you install from Microsoft Store. Well, something is better than nothing. Don’t forget to comment if you have any query or problem.

Download 3D Analyze v2.36b

You can download 3D Analyzer from the link provided below. File size is around 875KB. You will get a Zip file after downloading.


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