How To Power On Your Computer Remotely Using Wake On LAN (WOL)

Have you ever tried to turn on your PC remotely using your LAN or WAN connection? It is very useful when you are away from your PC and want to access it. Or you just want to show off to your friends or colleagues. Also, after turning ON your PC remotely, you can access files stored on it using TeamViewer or you can make your Computer a Web Server to access your files remotely.

In this article we are going to explain, how to setup your computer to wake on LAN or WAN using WOL(Wake on Lan) utility. For that we have to make some changes to BIOS, and Device Manager. Let’s start with setting up the BIOS first.

1. Setting up the BIOS

Step 1

To wake the computer on LAN/WAN, we have to make some changes to the BIOS settings of your computer. For making changes to BIOS settings, you can go to BIOS Screen by pressing DELETE or any other specified key to enter BIOS Setting.

Note: These settings could be different for you depending on your motherboard brand, you may need to look around to find the right setting.

Step 2

Now goto Power tab of your computer’s BIOS settings and click on Automatic Power ON. This option may appear different depending on the type of the Motherboard of your PC, use your intelligence to find the right option.

Step 3

Under Automatic Power ON menu, you will see options to enable Wake On LAN. Goto Wake Up On LAN and press Enter and Select Enabled.

Step 4

We have made necessary changes to the BIOS settings. We have to save these settings before exiting. Goto Exit tab and select Save Changes And Exit. When prompted for confirmation select Yes.

2. Making Changes to Network Adapter

After setting up BIOS, we need to make some changes in Computer Management also.

Step 1

As we have already made changes to the BIOS settings in previous step, now it is time to make changes to Computer Management. This step is necessary to Wake your computer via LAN. Right-click Computer (or My Computer or This PC) icon on desktop and select Manage option. Computer Management will open.

Step 2

In Computer Management, on the left panel, click on “Device Manager“. This will open Device Manager, double-click on Network Adapters. It will show you the Network adapters attached to your PC.

Step 3

Double-click on your Network Adapter, it will show you it’s Properties. In Properties window, goto Advanced tab. If you don’t know which one is your adapter, check in your connection Properties.

Step 4

Here we need to change two things.

1) Enable Shutdown Wake Up (This will help Over LAN).

2) Enable Wake on Magic Packet (This will help Over WAN).

3. Now your computer is ready to be Turned On over the Network.

Wake your PC on LAN/WAN

Note: We need a small utility software Called Fusion Fenix WOL. First, install this software on the computer from which you want to turn ON your computer. You can also use your Android phone to Power ON your PC by using Android App of Fenix WOL. Download links are provided at the end of the post.

Open WOL (Wake On LAN) from desktop shortcut and Enter IP Address of the Computer you want to turn on, in the field provided at bottom and click on Check button to check the status of the PC. If you receive a message saying, “The PC with IP is off“, enter that IP address in field provided on top and click Get MAC. Check if the MAC address is same as of the computer you want to turn on. If MAC address is right, click on Turn On PC. The target computer will be started.

Remeber: You have to keep IP Address and MAC address of the target computer ready before you try to turn it ON.

Now you can turn on your PC via LAN or WAN and Access your computer from anywhere. To turn ON your PC via WAN, you have to forward a port in your router i.e. UDP port 9 which is for Wake on Magic Packet port. After forwarding a port in your router, you have to use your WAN IP address in WOL utility to wake up your PC remotely. Check your Router’s manual to get help about forwarding a port. You can make your Computer a web server to access your files remotely or you can access your files using TeamViewer. Comment below if you face a problem.

Download Fusion Fenix WOL

Fusion Fenix WOL is a small utility software for Waking your computer on LAN/WAN. You can download it from the links below.

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