How To Recover Deleted Files & Folders After Windows 10 1809 Update

Windows 10 October 2018 Update version 1809 has caused hue and cry among users by deleting personal files and folders of many users. Many users have reported that files from their user directories like Music, Photos, Documents have got deleted after installing Windows 10 October 2018 update version 1809. While users can take precautions before updating their Windows 10 to latest version to avoid getting their files deleted, there is nothing much users can do after files have been deleted. But luckily there is good chance that you may be able to recover deleted files after Windows 10 Update without any problem.

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Thanks to the intelligence used by Microsoft while upgrading Windows, Windows Update system always creates a backup of all your files of C drive (the place where Windows is installed). Windows intentionally makes a copy of all the files of C drive including Users folders (which includes AppData, Desktop, Documents, Favourites, Links, etc) and moves them to a folder named as Windows.old. This backup helps Windows roll back to the previous version if anything goes wrong.

Recover Files Manually

The files stored in Windows.old folder are available for the next ten days in case user wants to rollback. Users can also delete these files to free up some space. So if you still has Windows.old folder in your C drive, all your personal files are still available in that folder. Go to the following path to find your personal files’ backup:


Where username is your username. Here you should have all your files. Now, you can copy all your personal files to your desired locationIf you had not carried out any clean installation, and have chosen to keep the files during any Windows 10 Update, Windows.old folder will be available and will help you recover your personal files.

Recover Files Using ‘Recover Personal Files Tool’

If you are not handy with recovering your files manually, you can also use Recover Personal Files Tool from Microsoft. This tool lets you retrieve files from the Windows.old folder in Windows 10. This ‘Recover Personal Files Tool‘ attempts to recover data that is ‘lost’ during an upgrade or custom install. You can follow on-screen instructions on the troubleshooter to recover your files. After you start the troubleshooter, click on Next to continue.

Now, click on Skip this Step to skip Search for Easy Transfer File (which is not required in our case).

Troubleshooter will automatically find and recover your files from Windows.old folder. After successful recovery, you can close the troubleshooter.

Your files can be recovered up to only 10 days after the upgrade. We would strongly suggest you to Move your User folder location to another partition. Here are a few things you may also like:

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